Linkedin for Your Service Business

With so many social networks out there, LinkedIn often gets forced to the bottom of the list. It’s sometimes seen as ‘just one more’ social media account to create, manage, and maintain. However, it can be one of the most powerful business tools on the internet.

LinkedIn is great for recruiting employees and connecting with information that is relevant to your industry. For homes services in particular, it can connect you to your suppliers as well as your competitors. Best of all, it always remains in the professional realm. For these reasons, and to have one more viable marketing outlet, your service business could benefit from a LinkedIn profile.

It's All Business

Though Facebook and Twitter may be the largest social networks for marketing your small business, being on LinkedIn positions you with like-minded professionals in your industry. It also has the added advantage of supporting you in finding great staff.

Many people use LinkedIn to post their professional experience, education, and their resumes. It’s also a place where peers, colleagues, and customers can provide testimonials. You can list proficiencies and expertise, and your connections can endorse you for specific skills.

Here, you won’t find photos of what people did over the weekend, but you will find blogs and articles that are specific to a person or business’s expertise. Think of it as your online calling card, where you can showcase your capabilities, experience, and knowledge.

Connecting With Your Peers

Another powerful advantage to using LinkedIn is the industry-specific groups that you can join. Group members may be located all over North America, but being a part of it will open you up to a large pool of knowledge from which to draw.

Through LinkedIn groups, you can learn new techniques, get reviews on equipment you are thinking about investing in, and interact with others who share your interests. Some of the home service groups on LinkedIn include Field Service Leader, Landscape Contractors, Irrigation Association and Trees. You might also think of LinkedIn as your ‘online Rolodex’, giving you access to potential customers, leads, colleagues, and business influencers.

Powerful Recruiting Tool

More and more, LinkedIn is being used by small businesses for recruiting and human resources purposes. For positions from office administrator to skilled trades, it’s a great way to seek out and identify the movers and shakers in your industry. It’s also a good tool to help you before you begin the interview process. As a vetting tool, it allows you to pre-screen candidates for suitability first. You’ll be quickly able to identify top talent while saving yourself the time and aggravation of having to interview people who don’t match up to your standards.

Setting up Your Profile

With about ten minutes of your time and just a few clicks, your business can be live on LinkedIn. Here are some of the key items you will need to gather before you begin:

Headline: this is the key phrase that will pop up in searches, so you want it to stand out. Make it brief and to the point. Your location will also be shown in search results, so be sure to include it.

Your company profile: this is where you tell the world what you’re all about. You can detail what you do, your specialties and what makes you different.

Your logo or brand image: this will be your profile picture, and should represent you as a professional service provider. The clearer the message, the better.

Accolades and Experience: there are separate sections for you to list your achievements and specialty certifications.

Proficiencies: don’t forget to list the skills you offer. This will provide a way for your customers and peers to endorse you, furthering your industry credibility.

Link to Employees, Suppliers, and Like Businesses: connect to the people that make your business tick, as many as seems appropriate. The more people and companies you’re connected to, the greater your potential reach and visibility.

Join Groups: seek out groups that are specific to your industry, or surrounding industries; this will help encourage referrals, generate leads and connect you to your larger peer group.

Your home services business will definitely benefit from having a presence on LinkedIn. Before you discount it as ‘just another’ social media account to create and manage, consider all the ways in which it can benefit your company (and have a quick look to see what your competitors are doing on the site).

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