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Rainy Day People: 5 Ways Lawn Care People Stay Busy When Business is all Wet

It’s been said that: Into each life, a little rain must fall—lawn care businesses understand this better than most.

Rather than shaking your fist at the sky, here are some pro tips on how to keep your lawn care company moving ahead instead of stuck in the mud.

Chris Senger of Mow Town Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, knows he only has so many days to service his clients’ summer needs. So when uncontrollable factors like the weather play havoc with his schedule, he’s always sure to have a plan ‘B’.

“We love rain days, but they end up being harder than our actual work days,” says Senger. 


We love rain days, but they end up being harder than our actual work days.

Chris Senger, Mow Town Edmonton Quote

Maintain and repair

Whether it’s changing lines on their string cutters or doing oil changes on their many mowers, there is always something that needs some TLC. Senger says that when it rains is the time to do it.

“We spend a lot of time on equipment maintenance. Everything breaks, it’s not a question of if—it’s a question of when.”

There’s always something to clean too—office, storage or vehicles. Keeping things neat and tidy reflects well on your business.

Reorder and restock

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Chris Senger, Mow Town Edmonton

Lawn care work requires more than just blood, sweat and tears. You’re talking soil, fertilizers, gloves, not to mention things to keep your machines running.

So Senger makes sure rain days are also shopping days.

“We keep a fair bit of spare parts, but we always seem to run out. We’re running around getting more and look for sales on everything from bags to blades.”

Contact and upsell

“It’s a really good chance to touch base with clients. I’ll sometimes get employees to go down the list of clients and text them, especially, if we’ve worked on their place recently,” says Senger. “The other thing we’ll do is Google Street a house to refresh our memory and just touch base with the customer to see how things are going.

“Sometimes, it’s just ‘Hey, I mowed your lawn last month. I just wanted to touch base and see how the service has been and if there’s anything you want us to add or remove or change.’ That little extra contact, that extra mile stuff is really what knocks it out of the park,” he says. “That’s also an upsell opportunity.”


That little extra contact, that extra mile stuff is really what knocks it out of the park.

Chris Senger, Mow Town Edmonton Quote

Website and social

Another important aspect of Customer Relationship Management is your digital presence. Have you kept your website and social feeds as up to date as possible?

Are there some new pictures of completed projects that you want to showcase? Maybe some testimonials that are fresher than the ones you’ve featured for the last few years.

Senger also tweets out, Facebooks and Instagrams reminders to customers about booking snow removal or final fall yard clean-up.

No down time, just dump time!

Running a Lawn Care Business
Justin Pitre, Just In Time Yard Services

Justin Pitre of Just In Time Yard Services in Noeville, Ontario also makes good use of his rainy days for clean up.

“Using my dump trailer keeps me busy. I haul grass cuttings, leaves and branches away on those days. Our dump is only open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays so I’m pretty busy on rainy days,” stay Pitre. “I’ll also take care of my books, so I’m up to date.”

Everyone talks about the weather, but there’s nothing you can do about it. So enjoy a rainy day now and then. After all, there’s always something you can do with the time.

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