Recap: How to Turn Social Media Followers into Paying Customers

Turn Social Media Followers into Paying Customers

Highlights from our talk with Katie

At her Jobber Meetups talk on March 22 in Calgary, Alberta, cleaning business expert, Katie Pearse of Glisten Academy shared proven advice for marketing your service business locally.

She covered the content you should share, and the calls to action you need to include to close sales via social media.

A couple key takeaways:

  • Grab your business name handle on all of the social media platforms out there, but only commit to maintaining channels you actually enjoy being on. When your time is limited, you don’t want a make work project!
  • Make it your mission to collect email addresses from people who land on your site. Katie goes on to explain how to turn those warm leads into sales through engaging email content.

Video notes

0:00 – Katie’s background in marketing and owning a cleaning business
2:00 – Katie’s approach as The Maid Mentor
3:05 – The demographic of people looking for cleaning services today
4:17 – Tips for pinpointing your ideal customer in any industry
6:35 – The social media expectations customers have in 2018
8:00 – How social media helps you get to know your customers
9:03 – What social media platforms should a small business start with
11:40 – Content ideas and efficient posting tips
13:50 – Tips for reposting content from other brands and influencers
14:44 – How to engage customers to build a following
15:33 – How to turn a single blog post into multiple social media posts
16:58 – How to run an engaging contest on social media
20:30 – Asking for engagement to get more engagement
23:07 – How your website plays the biggest role in acquiring paying customers
25:45 – Examples of lead magnets to collect email addresses
28:53 – How to use your email list to sell last minute appointments
31:06 – Proven sales emails Katie sent as a business owner
32:40 – Using email content as social media posts
33:27 – The balance of being personal and professional on social media
34:59 – How to demonstrate your expertise on social for sales and media coverage
36:16 – Posting mistakes that don’t result in sales
38:49 – How Katie sold $20,000 worth of services in a weekend thanks to an email list

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