Instagram for Your Service Business

If you’d like to show off the beauty of your work, you’ll find lots of value in having an Instagram account. Instagram is the web’s number one social media platform dedicated to images.

For landscaping businesses, arborists, cleaning companies, and anybody who takes pride in the beauty of the end result, Instagram is an excellent way to showcase your work while engaging with your customers.

You can post photos while you’re on the fly and in the field, or you can use 3rd party apps that let you schedule your photo posts in the future.

Visual Engagement

The great thing with Instagram, is you don’t need professional-level photography skills to make your photos pop. Within the app, there are editing tools that can style your images, boost color, brighten, highlight, and generally make them look slick and compelling.

The only caveat would be that it’s next to impossible to download your Instagram photos once they’re posted, so make sure you check the option in your settings to save a copy to your camera roll, or take the photo outside of the app and then pull it in for a post. That way, if you wanted to use the photos for another purpose, such as a newsletter, blog, or promotion on another social media channel, you’re all set.

Creating Your Profile

Jumping into Instagram is less complicated than many of the other social networks. Since it’s all about the image, your pictures will do the talking for you. Your profile is 150 characters long so you’ll need to devise something with impact—a concise phrase that gets to the heart of who you are and what you offer. Add a short description of what each photo that showcases your brand and personality. You can also post photos of your team members, all the better to humanize your efforts and connect with the world on a more visual level.

Use #Hashtags

Hashtags act as a sorting method for information. Use hashtags in your profile and on your photos as a way for new users to find you.

To use a hashtag, simply add a hash mark (number sign: #) to the beginning of a word or phrase (run it into one word) that best describes what you are trying to convey. The more common the search term, the more likely you will be found through a hashtag, so keep it simple. Some examples of hashtags might be #pooldesign or #beautifulgarden.

Above all, have fun with it. Instagram is a great way to showcase your work, and nurture your light-hearted and creative side. As an add-on to your website and the other social media accounts you have on the go, it has the ability to illustrate your story while adding an extra layer of engagement to your online efforts.

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