IMPACT LIVE Recap: Takeaways to Transform Your Business and Your Life

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A group of entrepreneurs from around North America gathered in Atlanta, Georgia for the first IMPACT LIVE event in August 2019, and we’re sharing ten takeaways from the event.

Immerse yourself in two full days of hands-on training, real life advice, and the tools you’ll need to transform your business and transform your life. Create a complete blueprint for your future and see massive growth results.

That was the mission of our first IMPACT LIVE event in partnership with Dirt Monkey University in August 2019.

The foundational belief: Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.

Therefore, to be a successful entrepreneur requires making smart business decisions and being a strong person.

In other words, personal growth is business growth.

Behind the scenes at IMPACT LIVE

Everyone, attendees and speakers alike, opened up and got vulnerable about the challenges that come with entrepreneurship: cash flow problems that impact your family life, toxic relationships on your team and outside of work that hinder performance, personal struggles that make you question if you deserve to succeed.

IMPACT LIVE event recap, image from David Nelson's talk
David Nelson demonstrating how we're pulled between our positive and negative beliefs about what we're capable of accomplishing.

And everyone got real about the team, financial, and operations dynamics that you must master in order to run an efficient, profitable business.

The outcome was electric. The group demonstrated that learning from each other’s mistakes and successes is surely the best path forward. The community that came together over the two days of the event was truly #builtbyyou.

10 solid takeaways

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Personal growth

“If you’re feeling tired. Beat up. That’s not how you should feel. That’s not how your business is meant to make you feel. Stop and rethink: how should I design this to benefit me?” – Phil Sarros, Dirt Monkey University

“Mission control is living life in such a way that one’s MISSION controls all decisions regarding priorities, value, and schedule.” – David Nelson, award-winning high school football coach

IMPACT LIVE event recap image of burn the boats exercise
Moly, from the Jobber team, and Travis, owner of VEI Lawn and Maintenance, participating in the 'Burn the Boats' exercise.

“Wellness is important, but there are lots of excuses and lack of time is one of them. I have more reason than most to not have time, but I’ve run webinars with Phil and Stan while I’ve been on the treadmill because that’s the time I have.” – Kali Taylor, Dirt Monkey University

“If there’s conflict it’s because someone isn’t getting their way.” – Kathleen Edelman, author of I Said This, You Heard That

“You see big time entrepreneurs on social media with their private jets. Being an entrepreneur is about more than the shoes you wear or the fancy cars.” – Jeremiah Michelson, Jeremiah’s Landscape Services

Business growth

“Owning a business is like being on a rollercoaster with no restraining bar. Because when things are good you’re barely holding on and hoping things go well. And when things are bad, you’re out of that cart and hoping you land in it.” – Graham Audenart, Painters Enterprise

IMPACT LIVE event recap, Keith Kalfas speaking
Keith Kalfas sharing his proven digital marketing strategies with the group.

“It’s not all or none. You don’t need $2000 to put someone on payroll. You can literally hire someone for one hour a week to see if it works. Next, try five hours a week.” – Keith Kalfas, entrepreneur and business coach

“You have to know your overhead. Overhead will kill you! This is the business killer. This is the magic number where you go ‘where did all my money go?’ Roughly, this works for the trades, I’ve found my overhead is $100 per man, per day.” – Stanley Genadek, Dirt Monkey University

“You have to look at the bottom line margin. The conversation right now is topline: grow, buy the big truck, grow, grow! …you could run a 1.2 million dollar business, but realize you’re only making 20 thousand.” – Phil Sarros, Dirt Monkey University

“If it’s a 2-3 thousand dollar job an estimate is over the phone only. Ask for any clues: If they don’t know measurements, ‘how many car lengths is it’?” – Stanley Genadek, Dirt Monkey University

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