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It’s one thing to start a pressure washing business. With the right tools, licensing, and business plan, you can start cleaning homes and driveways in no time. But if you aren’t advertising and marketing your business, you won’t have any homes or driveways to clean!

Marketing and advertising your business is necessary to grow your client list and win more window cleaning, house washing, and pressure washing contracts.

Window Cleaning Business Expert Dave Moerman

To find out where to start, we talked to Dave Moerman, owner of Revive Washing, an exterior house cleaning company that donates 3% of every job to support clean water projects across the globe.

A serial home service business owner, Dave has used his passion for sales and marketing to grow the company’s revenue to over $400,000 in under 4 years! 

As a firm believer in systematizing his business, he’ll share scalable strategies that will get you jobs today and that will help you grow your business for the long term.

We’ll cover:

1. Online advertising strategies: online booking, Facebook ads, and reviews
2. Relationship marketing strategies: phone, email, and postcard marketing
3. Traditional marketing strategies: neighbourhood flyers and signs

1. Online Advertising 

If you own a business today, there’s no two ways about it: you need an online presence. It’s where your clients and prospective clients are looking. If they can’t find you there, they’ll find someone else.

Online marketing may seem daunting, but don’t worry! Here’s how to start getting pressure washing contracts online:

A clean website with an online booking form

Creating a website may take a bit of work up front, but once it’s set up, you’ll have a permanent home for customers and prospects to book work.

If you don’t have a website yet, check out our 10-step guide to creating a service business website from scratch. It includes step-by-step photos, so you can follow along, and by the end of it, you’ll have a fully-functional website.

Just having a website isn’t enough to get new pressure washing jobs. You need to give visitors a way to request work, get quotes, and get on your calendar.

That’s where online booking software comes in. With online booking, customers can book new work through your website and social media pages in just a few clicks. You’ll get an automatic notification when the form is submitted so you can review it and fire off a quote.

A great website integrated with online booking software will help you respond to work requests faster so you can win more contracts.

Pro tip: Jobber’s quote management software helps win more pressure washing jobs worth more money and build flexible quotes that stand out from the competition:

  • Line item images that help your products and services stand out in your quotes
  • Upsell optional add-ons and packages that can increase your quote totals by 35% on average

Plus, followup with clients and get approval on quotes online once you’ve confirmed a booking request.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are one of the most effective ways to build your book of business. Instead of blasting a neighborhood with flyers in the hopes someone will call, you can craft highly targeted ads and get them in front of people who are actually need your window or pressure washing services.

Facebook and Instagram ads are a good place to start. They are simple to set up, affordable, and given their popularity, there’s a huge chance your prospects are using those platforms every single day.

“Where we’ve had success is using Facebook’s neighborhood campaigns,” says Dave. “You can target a local area for as little as $2 a day.”

You can use these ads to build brand awareness, stay top of mind, provide new leads with a link to your online booking form, or send targeted promotions to people who match your ideal customer demographic.

Pressure Washing Facebook Ad

So how can you use social media ads to get more pressure washing contracts? We’ll use Facebook as an example.

  • First up, make sure you have a Facebook business page.
  • Next, craft your message: add your phone number or website, a high-quality image (either a before and after, or a photo of your crew), and most importantly, a compelling CTA. For example: “Book now for 15% off your first house washing package!”
  • Now it’s time to target your ideal demographic. Facebook lets you get very specific: you can select education levels, household income by zipcode, and interests such as “homeowner” or “stay at home mom.” Just make sure you aren’t too specific, or your ad won’t reach enough people.
  • Post the ad with a budget of just a few dollars a day and see how it performs. Because Facebook ads are so cheap, you can experiment and learn fast.
  • Once you’ve got an ad that works well, re-use it. It will gather more likes and comments (social proof) which will help it reach even more prospective clients!

An even faster way to create Facebook ads is to sync your client list from your CRM to a marketing automation platform such as Mailchimp. This helps you easily target your existing customers and contacts, and create look-alike audiences based on their profiles.

For example, if you use Jobber to store your client info, you can instantly sync that list to Mailchimp and create a hyper-targeted, pre-made audience in either Facebook or Instagram.

That way you’ll know that your contacts, and people like them, are seeing the ads you want them to see.

Online Reviews

No service business marketing strategy would be complete without online reviews.

“We push Google reviews like crazy,” says Dave. “We have the most and highest reviewed company of the Lower Mainland. We’re really proud of that and we tell all our clients.”

How do online reviews help you get more pressure washing jobs? Easy: “The reviews feed into Google’s organic searches,” explains Dave. The more positive reviews Revive Washing has, the more likely they are to show up when locals search for their services. “Google search is probably 30% of our leads that come in.”

Revive’s reviews didn’t all come overnight. Rather, Dave set up an automated review process using Jobber, his field service management app, and its integration with NiceJob, a reputation management platform.

Watch Dave explain how the Jobber and NiceJob integration helps him save time and get hundreds of reviews (and new contracts):


As soon as a crew closes a job on the Jobber app, the client is texted a link where they can review our services...The way the world is going, people are busy. They don’t have time to Google your company name, find the account, and add a review. They want everything quick and easy.

Dave Moerman, Revive Washing Quote

2. Relationship marketing strategies

Window cleaning and pressure washing are recurring services. If you build good relationships, you’ll have customers—and contracts—for years.

That’s what relationship marketing is all about. “If we’ve already paid the lead cost and the customer acquisition, we’d be really silly to not follow up with these people who’ve already written us a cheque and hired us before. It’s the easiest way to get work on the schedule is just calling past clients.”

Here’s how Dave uses relationship marketing to get new jobs from existing customers:

1. Call existing clients to get more jobs: Revive keeps detailed client records using Jobber’s CRM. With this list, they call all of their clients 2x a year, once in the spring and once in the fall to either share a promotion or simply check in and see if they are interested in booking a service. Using this strategy, Dave’s seen a 15% conversion rate from existing clients! “I surprise myself with how good the phone works.”

Pro tip: Jobber’s CRM lets you filter clients by the date you last serviced them. This makes it easy to quickly look up and call only the customers you haven’t heard from in a while and who are most likely to need their windows or driveway refreshed.


The reality is as much as we love our businesses and love our branding, as soon as we’re done serving the customer they forget about us. They have busy lives, they’re running around. It’s so important to stay top of mind with our clients. Don’t be shy to pick up that phone.

Dave Moerman, Revive Washing Quote

2. Re-engage past clients with emails and postcards: Using the same client list in Jobber, Dave can send targeted email campaigns or personalized postcards, which he does every Christmas. These emails or postcards can include a thank you messages or specific promotions to get people’s attention.

“People get so many emails, you need to find a way to be different,” says Dave. “For us, it’s the social component: we wash local homes and raise money to build water projects abroad. Last year we sponsored two water projects in Cambodia, so we put that in the newsletter. Not everyone cares, but it makes us unique and those who care really appreciate it” Dave explains. “Use it as a chance to tell your company story to your clients and you’ll win them over the long term.”

Why use postcards to advertise your pressure washing business?

Postcards are a great advertising strategy because they allow you to send personalized advertising materials directly to your prospects. They help you stay top of mind and impress your customers and prospects so they choose you, instead of your competitors. Postcards are a great choice for window cleaning and pressure washing businesses because you can send promotions, seasonal reminders, or just express your gratitude to clients. By using your CRM to help you send targeted mail, you can send postcards only to people you’ve prospected and worked with in the past, without wasting money on spam mail.

3. Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing, or what Dave calls ‘bootstrap marketing,’ includes flyers, door hangers, truck wraps, and signs. These tactics can all help you get more window cleaning and pressure washing jobs, especially when you’re just starting out.

Just be aware of how much time, money, and energy you are spending on these advertising strategies. They can be difficult to  scale and might not reach the right people.

One way to avoid the ‘spray and pray’ method of flyers is Dave’s 5-around strategy. Every time his crew washes a house, they deliver window cleaning flyers to the 5 neighbouring houses on either side and across the street.

Interested neighbors will see the results and be more likely to book. This strategy helps Revive increase their client density in a neighborhood, which reduces transit costs and increases scheduling efficiency.

Watch how the 5-around strategy works in action:

FREE TOOL: Try our free pressure washing receipt template

Last words on getting more pressure washing contracts

There are many more ways to get more jobs for your window cleaning or pressure washing business. You can create incentives, take out newspaper ads, or partner with local influencers or real estate agents.

Whichever approach you take, remember that marketing and growing your business is a multi-touch process. One single ad or phone call isn’t enough. The more you can automate your business’ processes, the more you’ll be able to stay top of mind, get new prospects’ attention, and ultimately, get more jobs.

“The biggest piece of advice I’d give to anyone starting a service business is to focus 80% of your time in sales and marketing, not in buying the latest and greatest fancy equipment,” says Dave.

“It’s not easy, but you need to get yourself out of the field doing the task and getting your head into sales and marketing. Easier said than done, but it is necessary to grow and be a business owner.”

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