How MIL-SPEC Lawn Care Gets Paid Faster for Their Hard Work

Mil Spec Lawn Care

To the people who say “Cash is King,” Brian Boase of MIL-SPEC Lawn Care counters with another oldie but goodie: “Time is Money.”

“If you’re paying with cash, you have to remember to go to the ATM and get money and then put that money into an envelope and then leave this money under the mat. Or if you write a check and leave it under the mat, and hopefully it doesn’t rain and get soaked,” says Boase.

Cash or checks aren’t only inconvenient for the client—they can be a pain for lawn care pros like Boase.

“When you are cutting so many lawns a day and you spend, let’s say two minutes walking up to the front door looking under the mat and picking up a check. And now you’ve got to sign that check and then deposit the check. And now this whole ordeal has cost you five minutes,” Boase explains.

“So, if it takes five minutes every property, and you take care of 20 properties a day—do the math. That’s more than an hour-and-a-half of your time you’ve spent picking up and processing payments.”

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One button payment is easier for everyone

Boase says digital payment methods can make things easier for both the service provider and the client.

“They don’t have to go get cash or write a check. And I don’t have to go over, pick it up and then deposit it,” he says. “These days online payments are safe and secure.”

Boase has only 2 clients that pay with cash or check. Every other client pays through Jobber. We send them the invoice and right on the invoice is a button that they can pay with. They just hit: pay invoice.”

You’ve been paid!

Boase says with more than 60 clients needing service each week—be it grass cutting, landscaping, aeration, seeding or other weekly lawn maintenance—MIL-SPEC uses Jobber to improve customer service, business operations, and shorten payment times.

“It’s all about efficiency. For a mom and pop type operation like ours—it’s just Kristy and me—we want to be able to come home at the end of the day and be done,” he says. “We don’t want to be doing paperwork at the end of the day, or on the weekend.”

Boase says using one app to invoice and process payment provides a seamless solution.

“Everything happens in real-time. I’m literally finishing a job, closing the gate to the trailer and Kristy’s already sending the invoice,” he says. “And a lot of the time, the payment comes in, literally before we can leave to go to the next property.”

How to get invoices paid faster

Give customers the choice

Boase says he doesn’t force his customers to pay digitally and in fact provides a range of payment options. He even has a chip reader that attaches to a smartphone to process debit and credit transactions.

“We keep it in the truck, but honestly, we’ve never used it. Everyone pays through Jobber except those two clients who are old school and pay by check,” says Boase. “They hit a button and the invoice gets paid. They love it.”

Boase says clients like the ability to monitor their payment activity and keep track of their expenses.

“With client hub, they can see their own invoices, request work, see what they have paid and haven’t. It’s especially useful for our commercial clients who have multiple properties and invoices. They can control their services on each of those properties and manage the payments on all their invoices,” he says. “It makes it easy for them to share the information with the people who are writing the checks. They’re not thumbing through paperwork and they can request work on a specific property.”

Boase says using the technology available completely eliminates the need for an accounts payable department and saves time on paperwork and following up with clients to get paid.

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