Can Field Service Dispatching Software Save Your Customer Service Game?

What truly separates you from your competition in your customers’ eyes? Customer service. What can help you offer great service? Dispatching software!

From the client’s perspective, you and your competitors look very similar. You both have the ability to fix their problem, you have trucks on the road, and you have websites saying you’re trustworthy and friendly. The difference to your client is how quickly you can accommodate their service call get to their property. All that lies in your dispatching strategy.

Customer service always makes a difference, and dispatching is part of your service offering.

Your customer is measuring your service based on how friendly your dispatcher is on the phone; how soon can you be at their property; what time you show up; how well you fixed the problem; and how easy it was to pay and book future appointments.

A lot of the coordination and organization when it comes to good dispatch can be easily done with the help of the right field service dispatch software, like Jobber.

So, here’s how dispatching software can help.

Getting to the job site sooner

If a prospect (or several prospects) lose their power, water, or internet, they want you there within hours, not days. Their business goes to whoever can get there first, which makes your dispatch game crucial.

Dispatch software like Jobber gives you a 360-degree view of all of your current jobs and schedule openings. Being able to see how much time is left on your techs’ current jobs, and what their scheduled workloads look like for the rest of the day will help you decide which tech has time to fit in an emergency call.

image of home service pro using service dispatching software

Jobber allows you to simply drag and drop jobs around your techs’ schedules to accommodate new ones. Your tech gets an instant alert on their phone. You don’t even have to call them.

That means no telephone tag with the prospect, or with your employees who are busy in the field. The best part is that can do all this while you’re still on the phone with the customer, and finish the booking in a matter of minutes.

Showing up on time

That’s half the battle though. Empowering your employees to send your clients real-time updates for their arrival times is equally as important. It shows your clients that your team goes the extra mile and shines on the customer service front.

Being able to send your clients on my way text messages, for example, can introduce a level of communication and transparency that makes all the difference.

image of home service pro using service dispatching software

Customers who call you for an emergency appointment likely have to take a half-day off work to be home for you to fix it. This means your punctuality and commitment to the appointment is paramount. Failing at this could easily make or break their loyalty to your business.

When you have eyes on your fleet, you can set more realistic expectations for tech arrival times, and give your client an accurate timeframe for when your employees can arrive on site.

Offering exceptional service

If one of your emergency calls belongs to a regular client, you’re going to want to make your service offering extra special.

Maybe one of your regulars has good history with one of your techs. They trust him, and he’s familiar with their house. A good dispatching software will make it easy to identify these clients with a CRM. A CRM with scheduling capabilities will help you identify your most important clients so you can make special scheduling arrangements.

image of home service pro using service dispatching software

Fixing the problem

Maybe you get a call that requires a specialized skill or piece of equipment that only one of your technicians has. The right dispatching software will give you an added advantage of GPS technology to track exactly where all of your trucks and employees are. This helps you see who is in the best position to handle a sudden emergency job that requires a specific skill set.

This ensures that more jobs are completed in one visit, and prevents workers from showing up to a job without the skills or tools they need to complete the job.

Making it easy to pay and book future appointments

The easiest way to get repeat business is to remove the words, “let us get back to you” from your vocabulary.

You’ll quickly impress your clients when you send them an automated email or text message with a copy of their invoice, which they can easily pay online.

From there, setting up follow-up appointments only comes natural. Using your dispatching software to to set up a regular recurring or one-off appointment with the client, and even assigning the same tech to the follow-up appointment, can help you improve customer loyalty down the road.

Rather than hoping that you or your techs remember to ask your office staff to do the admin work, everyone can do it themselves on their phone or tablet in the client’s driveway!

Take the disorganization out of dispatch, and have a more efficient fleet and happier customers.

Want to learn more about dispatching software?

Check out Jobber’s features for field services here!

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