How Top Service Companies Communicate With Appointment Reminders

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I have a confession to make: I’m an imperfect client.

Don’t get me wrong—I pay on time and like to think I’m pretty easy to work with. But… I recognize I’m imperfect.

Let me unpack this a bit.

I live in an older home with my wife, our daughter, and our dog Walter. And the nature of living in an older home is that our old home needs more repairs and maintenance than a lot of newer homes do. So, I’ve had my share of experience working with service providers from a variety of industries.

I’m generally pretty good to work with and I pay on time. So what’s the problem?

Despite my best efforts, I sometimes get my appointment dates and times mixed up. Even though this is (usually) my fault, this can lead to delays for the service provider, or even cause a last minute cancellation.

Either way, situations like this can be frustrating for both the service provider and service consumer.

As an end customer, I always appreciate it when I work with a service provider who sends me a reminder of the upcoming appointment. This helps prevent last minute cancellations and provides full transparency for what to expect!


"Emailing a reminder to the client is very important. There have been countless times where they left the dog in the backyard, gate is locked or decided to not to have repairs made. Don't waste time because you both agreed on something a week ago."

Greg Villafana, Owner, Brothers Pool Service Quote

Why appointment reminders are so important

No matter what industry your service business falls into, there is always a chance you’ll be dealing with customers who make last minute cancellations and appointment changes. It’s inevitable.

There are plenty of reasons why this happens: carelessness on a customer’s part, or sometimes life just gets in the way and they need to shuffle things around.

Whatever their reason is for changing an appointment, you’re going to have to deal with it professionally and accommodate them. If you don’t deal with it professionally by accommodating them (even if you think you dealt with it professionally), you run the risk of an unhappy client. Maybe they don’t return as a customer, or worse, they leave you a negative review online.

This is where appointment reminders come in. If you can provide your clients with a reminder before their appointment, then you’re providing a top notch service experience that separates your business from the competition. All this while reducing the chance and risk that you can’t accommodate a cancellation if it crops up.

Better customer service and eliminating last minute cancellations? Appointment reminders are a no brainer!

How to send appointment reminders

As your business is just getting started, you may choose to start out by manually reminding your clients about upcoming appointments.

Start with appointment reminder templates to help you out. This will help you avoid writing new emails or texts from scratch every time.

But we all know that manual processes can only take you so far. As your business grows and you get more clients, sending manual emails and texts will become challenging and leave more room for error.

Software like Jobber can help you automate your customer service experience.


"I really like the appointment reminder function in Jobber. In our business when we dispatch a crew out to a job we have a lockout fee. But just to have a reminder go out a day before or a couple days before has really decreased the number of times we have had people say ‘Oh we forgot you were coming.’ It’s great because you really don’t want to enforce that lockout fee."

Kevin Reynolds, Owner, Handmaid Cleaning Quote

Appointment reminders in Jobber

Appointment reminders in Jobber come with a few key benefits.

1. Automate and customize your appointment reminders

When you use Jobber, you decide what your reminders look like and when they are sent. Maybe you want to schedule and automate an email a week before a visit and send a text message the day before—no problem! Your reminders are customizable and sent automatically based on your schedule.

2. Offer 24/7 customer service with client hub

When clients receive the appointment reminder they will also receive a link to client hub where they can view past and upcoming appointments.

In addition, your clients can approve and sign quotes, pay outstanding invoices, print receipts and request more work all from client hub. This allows you to offer better, more comprehensive customer service—all while cutting down the back-and-forth emails and calls!

3. Let your client know who is coming

When you send an appointment reminder from Jobber, you’ll let your client know exactly who their service technician(s) are going to be for that appointment. You’ll look professional, and your clients will feel comfortable knowing who is coming to their home to complete the service

Appointment confirmation in Jobber

Even if you’re a smaller service business, these small details will make your business stand out from the competition, and look like a big player in your industry.

Be proactive

As a service provider, you’ll work with a lot of clients. And a lot of your clients (even the good ones) will be imperfect.

Instead of expecting your clients to change, be proactive!

Add practices and process (and automate them with technology) so you’re providing a better customer experience, and you’re both happy at the end of the day.

Automate your client reminders

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