How to Use Appointment Confirmation Emails and Texts to Improve Your Customer Service

Appointment Confirmation Email

Even the best clients can mix up their dates and times, or forget an appointment altogether. Hectic schedules, family obligations, and juggling home repairs and maintenance can be a lot for one person to manage.

Unfortunately, when a client forgets an appointment, it can put you behind schedule — or worse — wind up causing a last-minute cancellation.

Appointment confirmations offer a win-win solution to this scenario. Not only will they offer a friendly appointment reminder to your clients, but they’ll also help you to avoid delays and cancellations.

Learn more about what they are, why you should use them, and how to make your own in this guide.

What is an appointment confirmation email or text?

An appointment confirmation email or text is a message that you send to a client prior to a scheduled service call. They typically include information such as:

  • The time and date of the appointment
  • The company and service provider name
  • A description of the service being provided
  • Instructions for how to confirm, cancel, or reschedule an appointment
Example of appointment reminder in Jobber
Example of appointment reminder email sent from Jobber

When should you send appointment confirmations?

We recommend sending an appointment confirmation at least 24 hours before a scheduled service call. You can also send more than one confirmation email: one at the time of booking, and one 24 hours before arriving.

This enables your client to free up their calendar, and, if they do have to cancel, gives you an opportunity to fill their spot.

Set-and-forget your appointment confirmations

Schedule an email a week before a visit, and a text message the day before—whatever works best for your workflow.

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Why should service businesses use appointment confirmations?

Appointment confirmations come with a number of benefits that help both service providers and their clients.

1. They’ll impress clients

Busy clients will appreciate an appointment reminder, especially if it gives them enough time to adjust their schedule or to let their own coworkers know they’ll be unavailable at a specific time.

Appointment confirmation emails or texts are a simple courtesy you can extend to your clients that will improve your customer service and boost your professionalism.

2. They help to keep your calendar full

Since appointment reminders give clients a chance to cancel or reschedule in advance, it means that you’ll have more notice to fill an empty spot. The more time you have to book a new job, the easier it will be.

Plus, you won’t end up having to drive all the way to a client’s home and waiting at their front door only to find out they aren’t even there.

3. They add to your professionalism

Appointment confirmations make your business look professional and organized. This helps to build your reputation as a high-quality service provider and helps you to stand out from your competitors.

4.They offer transparency

Appointment confirmations provide a lot of helpful information to clients. Not only do they show job details, but they typically also tell clients who will be completing the task.

Knowing who will be showing up at their home helps to reassure clients and makes them feel less like they’ll be inviting a stranger into their home. This type of transparency makes clients feel more confident in your business and in their decision to work with you.

Example of job site employees in Jobber appointment confirmations
This appointment reminder tells clients which service technicians they can expect.

How to create and send an appointment confirmation email

Appointment confirmations are typically sent via email or text message. You can send them manually or using automated software.

Manual appointment confirmations

Manual appointment confirmations are fine if you only have a few clients or appointments each week. They’re typically done in one of three formats:

  • Over the phone
  • Via text
  • Through email

Appointment confirmations over the phone

If you plan to use phone calls to set up your appointment confirmations, it’s best to create a script for yourself to follow. Make sure to call during reasonable hours and be prepared to leave a message.

Phone calls are great since they give you a chance to ask or answer questions, get a verbal go-ahead, and cover any details you need to before a job.

However, they can be time-consuming, and, if you can’t get in touch with your client to confirm an appointment, you may have to try again later.

Appointment confirmations through text message

Text messages are faster than phone calls and can be copy/pasted from a template you have on hand. As long as you have a client’s cell phone number and you remember to do it on time, these are a convenient and easy way to confirm an appointment.

Appointment confirmation emails

Appointment confirmation emails are a great way to communicate details about a job and confirm an appointment. You can be more detailed than in a text message without having to find a quiet moment in your busy day to make a call.

You can also add a link for the client to confirm or reschedule an appointment, saving you from having to do it yourself.

Since manual appointment confirmations need to be written on an individual basis, they can be tedious. Use an appointment reminder template to save yourself some time and add consistency to your messages.

Although manual appointment confirmations are manageable with a small client base, automated software is best if you have a lot of appointments to manage or you don’t have the time to send and confirm individual reminders.

Appointment confirmation software

Automated appointment software is a great set-it-and-forget-it solution for service business owners who don’t have the time or resources to get in touch with each and every client before a service call.

Using software such as Jobber, you can:

Automatically send appointment confirmation emails and texts every time a job is booked

You can use Jobber to send automated text messages and appointment confirmation emails that include information such as:

  • When an appointment is scheduled for
  • Who will be completing the job
  • How to get in touch with questions
  • Let clients confirm, reschedule, or cancel their own appointments

Your clients can even confirm or reschedule appointments in Jobber’s client hub, saving you from having to juggle administrative tasks while you’re on a job and storing all of your appointments in one place.

Schedule multiple message types and delivery times

Another benefit of automated software is that you can schedule multiple reminders at the same time. For example, you could send an email confirmation three days before an appointment and a text message an hour prior to your arrival.

Example of appointment reminder schedule in Jobber

Use slightly different messaging between your texts and emails to avoid repetition and to maximize the benefits of each format.

For example, an appointment confirmation email can be longer and include more details, whereas a text confirmation should be simple and straightforward:

Example of appointment reminder text message in Jobber

See all of your upcoming appointments in one place (and let your clients do the same)

Jobber can store all of your appointment confirmations in one place, allowing both you and your clients to check and review job details 24/7.

This allows clients to manage and control their own appointments without having to call your office or send an email.

Start automating your appointment confirmations

Remind clients of upcoming service appointments with Jobber’s customizable automated email and text message reminders.

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Originally published February 2019. Last updated May 2021.



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