20 Ways to Refresh Your Cleaning Website: Real Examples and Tips

Top Cleaning Websites

If you own a cleaning company and your website is a mess, you’ve got an opportunity to clean up your marketing.

Many cleaning business owners adopt a “set it and forget” attitude towards their website. Even worse, some don’t even have a website. If you’re guilty of either of these things, then listen up!

A solid website is one of the biggest contributing factors to starting a cleaning company, growing your business, and upselling your services to make more cash.

Why? Because the first place your customers are looking for cleaning services in their area is through a Google search. Your site needs to be one of the top results, and when they click on your listing, your website has to make a good impression.

So how do you create a new cleaning business website, or make your current one look better? We’re going to take your through all the website essentials (including real examples) that will help you impress clients, look professional, and seal the deal.

How do you create a top notch cleaning services website?

  1. Avoid clutter and keep your website clean
  2. Offer quotes and pricing calculators
  3. Make it easy for customers to contact you
  4. Provide social proof
  5. Have a user-friendly design across multiple devices
  6. Use engaging photos and images
  7. Display before and after photos
  8. Link to your social media accounts
  9. Get a chatbot or instant messaging system
  10. Offer an online booking feature
  11. Automate your website
  12. Have a clear brand and value proposition
  13. Share your value proposition in detail
  14. Optimize your site for search engines (SEO)
  15. Showcase your awards, certificates, and partnerships
  16. Post your license and insurance number
  17. Explain your service areas and locations
  18. Start a blog
  19. Address important FAQs
  20. Don’t put off updating your website

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1. Avoid clutter and keep it clean

Without a doubt, you have a lot to be proud of as a small business owner: a great service offering, industry awards, or glowing testimonials… You should share as much impressive information as possible on your website. However, avoid squishing all of your accolades onto your home page.

Klean Sweep is a great example of a site with a user-friendly web design. When you enter their website you know about their brand, their mission, and their values. It’s all displayed clearly and neatly right in your sightline.

Plus, Klean Sweep’s menu is easy to navigate. You can quickly find the most important information like service descriptions and contact details. Each section and individual page is broken up into easy-to-read portions of text, so potential clients can find exactly what they are looking for according to their own unique set of needs and values.

Klean Sweep Homepage

How to improve your website:be very selective of what information you include on the homepage. Consider what the absolute most important information your clients would appreciate seeing at first glance such as mission statement, services, reviews, and contact information. Everything else can be found in the top navigation bar!

2. Offer quotes and pricing calculators

If your website doesn’t offer your pricing structure, an opportunity for your client to get a quote, or offer an automatic quote calculator, then start with this website change right away!

Your prospects care just as much about viewing your pricing because it reflects in your transparency and trust. The more accessible you can make your pricing, the more likely they will reach out to you with a follow-up.

If they are happy with their automated quote, they will want to book an appointment. Or, if they want to try and negotiate a quote, then they will get in touch.

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Clean Services Website

Commercial Cleaning Canberra does a fantastic job of keeping their page clean, informative, and functional. Their price calculator is right in the viewer’s sightline. All the other valuable information in top navigation tabs.

It’s clear that Commercial Cleaning Canberra knows their customers well enough to give them exactly what they want.

How to improve your website: Include a link to your pricing page in your top navigation bar, or offer your client an opportunity to self-quote using software like Responsibid.

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3. Make it easy for customers to contact you

Communicating with potential and existing customers is one of the main reasons you have a website—so make it easy for people to contact you! There are tons of ways to do this: with clear contact information, a contact us section, and Jobber’s online booking feature!

Maid Sailors does a great job of making their contact section easy for people to find. Their phone number is prominently displayed in the header of their website so clients can easily tap and cal ol on their mobile device. They even go a step further by including an easy to find “Book a Cleaning” call-to-action at the top of the home page that and sends visitors to a booking page.

Maid Sailors Website

How to improve your website: Put the best and most convenient contact information you have clearly on your website in several places, such as the header, footer, and on the “contact us” page. Make sure that you are giving your clients the absolute best contact information too. If you’re not great at responding to emails, don’t include your email address, for example.

4. Provide social proof

Accreditations, rankings, and online reviews are great ways to showcase your reliability and trustworthiness. On top of that, consumers really care about what other people have to say about your business––especially given that you’ll be working in their homes and private workspaces.

image of cleaning website

There are tons ways to show off social proof. GrimeStoppers includes all their star ratings, awards, and memberships right on their home page, for example.

You can share your Better Business Bureau rating, your favourite review platform website, social media rating, or Google MyBusiness rating on your website. You can even include client video testimonials on your website, too!

Just make sure you link to the exact pages that you’re referencing so prospects can read genuine reviews from the source.

How to improve your website: Include testimonials, review websites badges, and links to your favourite review platforms. You can install a widget (such as Elfsight) that displays customer reviews on your favourite review website.

5. Have a user-friendly design across multiple devices

Websites are no longer exclusively accessed on desktop computers. Most consumers do everything from their phones and tablets today.

If your website isn’t mobile responsive, then you’re making it difficult for prospects to navigate and access your business online. Mobile-responsive websites allow visitors to easily find and engage with your website and contact information.

South Beach Cleaning Website on Mobile

South Beach Cleaning’s website is user-friendly whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. If they didn’t have a mobile-friendly website, then prospects would probably exit quicker than they would like. If prospects leave your website before they learn more about your business, then you’re less likely to close as many deals as you should.

How to improve your website: Hire a website developer to clean up the code on your website so it’s mobile responsive. The good news is that most website hosts already offer mobile-friendly websites. If you’re just starting out and need to make a cleaning business website, then consider using mobile-first website platforms like Squarespace, for example.

6. Use engaging photos and images

There are lots of cleaning websites out there. You want yours to stand out. Including interesting and original photos and videos can go a long way. Generic stock images can get you into a sticky situation if your competitors are also using them. They won’t set you apart!

Cleaning Service Website with Video

Out of Sight Cleaning hosts a video on their homepage that shares how their services and personality are next level. This instantly makes the visitor feel like they already know the company that will be working for them.

How to improve your website: Go out with your crew in the field and snap some action shots! Genuine photos of your team will add a level of personality and empathy to your website. When your clients can see the face of your business, they might be more inclined to work with you.

7. Display before and after photos

When it comes to promoting your business, don’t just tell your customers what you do—show them! Show off before and after shots of spaces that you’ve cleaned so potential clients know what your company is capable of.

Squeaky Clean House offers ‘Before and After’ photos of their deep clean services to emphasize the work that they do. They also include the name of the team member who completed the job, which adds a personal touch.

How to improve your website: Use Jobber’s Before and After Photo tool to build your very own marketing materials. Customers are always impressed when you can show them how effective you are in the field. Use these photos on your website in a portfolio section, on your testimonial page, or on social media.

8. Link to your social media accounts

Social media isn’t for everyone, but it can really help you grow your client base. You don’t have to be online, but having an account or two can help you showcase before and after photos, client testimonials, and company news easily and efficiently. Plus, it makes it easy for your prospects to find you on the apps they use every day.

Not sure what types of things to post on social media networks like Facebook? Check out our helpful resource of a month of Facebook post ideas, as well as our other helpful Facebook marketing tips.

Most website hosts make it really easy to integrate your social media feed to your website. It’s also easy to include a links to your social media accounts on your website. This helps your clients find you on social media, but it also helps you post content to your website too.

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 2.30.38 PM

Harding’s Services simply put a list of social media and client review networks they are on and hyperlinked their account tags right on them. That way, their clients can find them where it matters most, and see all the experience, communication, photos, and reviews they have to offer.

Focus on posting updates, information about your team, and tips and tricks. Get a website widget that updates your website with your social media content. This can help you look very active online, which can assure prospects that you’re an active business with lots of clientele.

9. Get a chatbot or instant messaging system

Chatbots and instant messaging are the future for businesses. These are live chat options that pop-up on your website. The difference between a chatbot and instant messaging is that a chatbot creates automated responses to clients based on an algorithm, while instant messages connect the client with someone on your team who can chat with them.

Both options easily allow you to help your clients with minimal effort. Plus, it allows you to offer your prospects an easy way to get in touch with you without picking up the phone.

How to improve your website: Use chatbot software options like Hubspot or Snatchbot, which easily integrate with your website. Remember, these softwares can get pricey. Using Facebook chat on your website is a great free alternative. You can even use optional plugins which allow you to create a chatbot within this free Facebook feature so you spend less time answering prospects questions. Check out the breakdown on how to do it here.

10. Offer an online booking feature

Your website exists to help clientele find your business online, and learn more about you. However, your website can also function as an automated lead gen tool to help you attract leads and then seal the deal with little to no effort.

A user-friendly online booking feature can go a long way. Your customers expect an Amazon experience: an easy way to purchase the products and services they want online. In fact, 50% of consumers would be deterred from using a home service provider if they had slow response times, and nearly 50% of consumers prefer to schedule appointments via email, an online platform, or mobile app.

You have a lot of options when it comes to sharing your contact information. We love how LA Home Solutions Inc. offers their clients and prospects an easy way to submit work requests. Their online booking form embedded right on their website. That way, they can contact their client with all the important information ready when they have a moment.

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 11.48.53 AM

How to improve your website: Use online booking from Jobber, which allows you to offer a professional online booking experience that your clients want and expect. You can put Jobber’s online booking feature right into your website. From there, your clients can request their preferred dates and times, rather than simply booking directly into your calendar. The online booking form is customizable so you decide what information you’d like to collect. You can collect your customer’s name, address, the services they want, and their preferred dates and time.

11. Automate your website

One of the most useful things you can do is add automations into the back-end of your website. What does that mean? Automations help notify your when a client submits an appointment request form on your website, for example. Automation software give you instant notifications and alerts to keep you in the loop so nothing slips through the cracks.

You can create a free Zapier account to alert you about different types of actions that happen on your website and other apps you use like Jobber, Mailchimp, and GSuite. Zapier allows you to keep your information up to date without manual or duplicate entry.

12. Have a clear brand and value proposition

A website is nothing without your company’s branding. Without it, it just looks like a plain old website.

What is branding? It’s the part of your marketing strategy that attributes personality and values to your business. Branding brings your business to life, it helps prospects identify your business from competitors, and it helps them establish a relationship with it.

Your brand includes your logo, business name, colour choices, photos, language, mission and values, and visual appearance.

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 2.57.47 PM

My Amazing Maid does an excellent job of showcasing their brand through their personal values.

  • First, they have a rotating slideshow that shows their audience what they care about: an eco-friendly cleaning approach, family values, and living in a clean and modern home. This helps prospects connect with My Amazing Maid, because they can see similarities between themselves and the company.
  • Second, you see a the contact us popup the moment you enter the website. This communicates that they value communication, professionalism, and an easy working relationship.
  • Finally, their brand showcases their fun and personable nature, by including a caricature of a staff member.

How to improve your website: Use our helpful branding toolkit to get your business branding off the ground. Once you’ve got everything in place, you can apply it to your website by using custom formats, text, colours, and images.

13. Share your value proposition in detail

Your value proposition is the unique edge or offering you bring to the market. Determining the value of your service, communicating that to consumers, and figuring out how to bring all of this to the marketplace takes a bit of brainstorming and research.

For example, your value proposition could be that you’re passionate about green business. So, you’re committed to exclusively using environmentally friendly cleaning materials, tools, and strategies for example.

Another example could be that all the cleaning service providers in your city do not offer a specific guarantee, so, you offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Work with your passions, strengths, and any gaps in the market to determine your value proposition, and then clearly state it on your website on the home page, or the about us section.

14. Optimize your site for search engines (SEO)

Local SEO is what helps you get your business found online when local consumers search for businesses like yours based on location. To rank on local search, your website needs to be optimized for key terms that your prospects are searching for, in addition to your location, address, and contact information.

So, if this information is only located on one page of your website right now (like your contact us page), then make sure you edit multiple website pages to include this information, along with the types of services you offer. This will help search engines find your website and show it to prospects who search for service providers like you in your city.

How to improve your website: To get your cleaning business found online through local SEO, you need to ensure that your location and contact information is placed very clearly on your website in key text areas such as the footer, headlines, and body text on various pages.

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15. Showcase your awards, certificates, and partnerships

If you’re certified in a specific area of expertise, like cleaning sustainability; if your business has won an award in the past for incredible customer service; if you’ve been featured in local news; or if you’re powered by a leading home service software like Jobber, then these are the types of things you want to include on your website.

Awards, certifications, and partners help you stand out from your competitors. Take Royalty Cleaning Services’ lead. As a commercial cleaning company, they understand how important it is for their prospects to see what clients they have serviced. On their homepage, they list all their current partners on a rotating slide deck.

image of quote from cleaning business website

This type of information shows your clients that you’re serious about your business, and you’ve been recognized by third parties. This can be a leading factor behind why a prospect choose you over your competitors.

How to improve your website: Include media mentions, certifications, awards, and partnerships is at the bottom of your home page and on the website footer. You can usually ask for a widget or image of the certification, award, or branding materials to make them look attractive on your website.

16. Post your license and insurance number

License and insurance regulations vary from state to state. Even if your state doesn’t require that you have a license or insurance to operate a cleaning business, it doesn’t hurt to have for your own protection.

In fact, these types of credentials can actually boost your professionalism and make your business more marketable to your prospects. Make sure it’s clearly displayed on your website.

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 2.40.41 PM

We love how Ryaan Tuttle posts his insurance and license right in the footer of his website. He also includes it in the FAQ section of his website too. Although Ryaan owns a handyman business, his state doesn’t require him to be licensed and insured. Despite that, he still gets his license and insurance renewed regularly and posts his number on the website for everyone to see.

How to improve your website: Post your license and insurance number on your website to help improve transparency and trust. Be bold: consider putting it in the header or footer section of your website. This can go a long way when your competitors don’t share this information with the public, or don’t have a license or insurance at all!

17. Explain your service areas and locations

Being clear on your website about your services and service areas is one of the best ways to improve information transparency on your website. It helps your clients know exactly what services you offer and where you offer them.

On top of that, it helps you improve the quality of the content on your website so that it can get found on search engines like Google.

How to improve your website: The best way to execute is to list your service radius by neighbourhood and city. For example, in the home page body text of your website you can explain that you service all residential clients within a 10 mile radius of Seattle, and list all the locations that fall within that area: Capitol Hill, Columbia City, Mercer Island, Georgetown, Freemont, Delridge, West Seattle, Shoreline, and Lake Forest Park, for example. That way, when a prospect searches “residential cleaning businesses Delridge, Seattle” your business will come up.

18. Start a blog

Blogging isn’t for everyone, but your cleaning website will look more complete with a blog. Some folks make an entire career out of blogging. You don’t have to for your blog to work to your advantage.

The most important thing to note about starting a blog is that you need to be consistent with your publishing. So, if you think you’re up for a cadence of a post every two to three weeks, then read on!

If that’s too much of a commitment, then don’t worry about it. Blogging isn’t an absolute essential for your website. Although, it can help you get found on search engines more easily.

The most important things to consider when starting a blog is why you’re writing and who you’re writing for. Think about your audience and how to best communicate with them.

In your case, you should write blog posts for home and property owners. The topics you write about and your writing style should target those people. Think middle-aged people (most likely women) who want to know how to take care of their homes and engage with small businesses.

Topics that might interest them could include:

  • Your service offerings and why you’ve chosen those services
  • How they can take care of their own house cleaning easily
  • Cleaning and maintenance tips, tools, and resources
  • Client success stories
  • Lessons learned while serving your community and clients.

Make sure you include language about cleaning, your company name, cleaning services and strategies, and your location to get your blog posts found on Google!

If you really want to start upping your time and commitment on your blog, check out this resource that will help you learn the ropes.

19. Address important FAQs

FAQs are an extremely important part of your website because they address critical questions that all your customers most likely will have.

When you answer these questions openly in public, you’re able to improve business transparency and trust, and cut down the amount of time you spend helping prospects who have not become paying customers yet.

The less time you spend on things that aren’t directly making you money, the more time you can spend on the things that actually make you money, like cleaning homes and offices!

How to improve your website: Decide on the best FAQs to include on your website based on actual questions you get asked. Consider narrowing down the number of FAQs to the types of questions you think will help people decide to hire your team. For example, ease of payment, satisfaction guarantees, your employee standards and expectations, and client expectations, for example. Keep all your FAQs on one page so things are neat and tidy.

10. Don’t put off updating your website

Your website is one of the most important marketing tools in your arsenal. It helps establish your company’s credibility and gives customers a way to contact you. If you let your website fall by the wayside it can make you look unprofessional, unattentive, and checked out of your business’ appearance.

Use these website examples above and the accompanying tips as inspiration for updating your cleaning company’s website.

How to improve your website: Make sure that you keep a close eye on your website by updating it every few months. You can really wow your clients by updating important sections like your testimonials and photos pages every few weeks. If you’re short on time, you can install automatic plugins that automatically post your newest social media content and customer reviews to your website too.

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