4 Reasons To Follow Up on Your Quotes


One of the most important tasks for any small service company is generating and winning new business.

But what happens after  you talk to a lead, learn about the services they are looking for, and send them a professional quote?

Do you just wait for your customer to contact you and hope you win the job? Don’t just wait!

One of the best ways to close more deals and generate more business is to follow up with your leads after you have sent them a quote. Let’s dive into 4 reasons why you should be following up!

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1. Follow Up on Quotes and You’ll Win More Jobs

Sometimes, all it takes to close the deal is to ask for the sale. Yup—it can be that simple.

Your clients are busy. Sometimes they’ll ask for a quote with the full intention of the job starting right away, but then they get busy and forget to respond. The quote might move to the bottom of their email inbox and is no longer top of their mind.

Following up on your quotes is a way to make things easy for your client. Often they just need a reminder before they move forward with accepting the quote.

2. You’ll Demonstrate Superior Customer Service

Customer service doesn’t begin when the job starts. Customer service begins as soon as you start a relationship with a client!

It is likely that when you send a quote, your potential client has requested quotes from a few service providers. If you’re competing against other companies, you’ll want every possible advantage to stand out from the competition. Following up on your quotes demonstrates your company’s commitment to customer service.

Your client might not always remember you, but if you remember them, your customer service will stand out.

3. Leads are Expensive

Leads cost money. Whether you are advertising on traditional channels, or using sites like Angie’s List to get leads, you are spending time and money to get leads.

You don’t ignore your paying clients, so why would you ignore leads that you’ve paid money for?

A lead that has already engaged with you is more valuable than one that hasn’t. Make sure you’re getting the most value out of the leads you work hard to get!

4. Following Up on Quotes is Easy!

Getting leads that are interested in your services is the hard part. Once you’ve sent off a quote, following up is easy!

Put together a process so you don’t forget to follow up on your quotes. The longer you wait to follow up with your client, the more cumbersome the process becomes. We recommend the following process:

  1. If you send your customer a quote, make sure you’re collecting all their important contact information in a CRM so it’s easy for you to follow up with them.
  2. Give yourself a reminder to follow up in 2-3 days. A simple email or quick phone call is all that is required.
  3. We recommend following up 2 to 3 times with your client. Sometimes you won’t be able to get ahold of your client and they won’t get back to you—that’s okay. That’s the nature of business. But don’t delete the quote! Using quoting software like Jobber allows you to keep the quote on file. If the client does contact you at any time in the future, you have a full record of what you’ve quoted.

Put together a process for following up on quotes: you’ll provide better customer service, build better relationships with your clients, and generate more business.

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