The Best Ads for Cleaning Service Businesses: Ideas and Examples

image of how to make facebook ads for cleaning business

If you’re interested in scaling your cleaning business, then advertising should be in your arsenal. Digital ads are one of your best friends because of their targeting precision and affordable price point. With them, you can reach new prospects wouldn’t be able to contact through word of mouth, friends, or family.

You might not see yourself as a master advertiser, but you don’t have to be one to make ads work for your cleaning business. Today, you can DIY your advertising efforts and see what’s working, what’s getting you clients, and what isn’t.

In this post we’re going to load you up on some fresh ad ideas that you can use for your cleaning business advertisements.

How to advertise your cleaning business: the first steps

1. Understand the value you bring to your customers

An effective ad shows your prospects the value you bring to them. Don’t try to cover too much ground and overwhelm your ads with ten different points. But, also avoid selling yourself short by being overly modest.

Showcase the best selling features in your ad that are true to your business. For example:

  • your mission or value statement
  • a customer testimonial
  • a warranty on customer satisfaction
  • an outstanding promotion

You can use this value statement in your ad copy or in the images you use in your advertisements.

2. Decide on your reason for advertising, what success looks like, and the price you would pay for all of it (your budget)

There are plenty of reasons for advertising your business. You can advertise to get more paying customers, to grow your mailing list, or to stay top of mind.

Whatever reason you decide, make sure you nail down what success will look like at the end of your advertising campaign, and when you want your campaign to end.

image of how to make facebook ads for cleaning business

Set specific and realistic goals. For example: 50 new customers added into your CRM within two months, 30 new quotes completed in a fiscal quarter, or 100 email addresses collected in three weeks. You could run an advertising campaign for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months.

Finally, decide how much money you would be willing to pay for that success. This will be your budget.

Budgeting is as much about about the amount of money you’re willing to spend as it is the amount you feasibly can spend. Despite that, it’s assuring to know that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on digital ads for them to work.

For example, you can spend as little as $20 a week on Facebook and Instagram ads. When the money runs out in the budget you set, your campaign stops.

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3. Solidify your brand

You can definitely start advertising your cleaning business without a brand, but it’s good to have one beforehand. A cleaning business brand helps you look more professional, it provides a level of personality to your business, and it helps your prospects remember your business.

Since ads are mostly visual, it doesn’t take much to show off your brand. Make sure you’ve got your business logo, colours, and name firmed up. This should all translate into your advertisement, but it should be consistent on all your online properties (social media pages, website, etc.). Consistency is key!

image of how to make facebook ads for cleaning business

4. Get an online presence

Advertising is fantastic, but if you don’t have anywhere to send your leads to, then your ads will be a fraction as effective as you’d like them to be.

Before starting an advertising campaign, make sure you have a website and at least one social media account (like and Instagram Business profile, or a Facebook Business Page).

Having a social media account is pretty important if you’re going to be running digital ads on social media networks. If a lead clicks on your ad only to discover that you have no online presence, no photos, no client reviews, and no about us section, then they might hesitate to work with you.

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5. Get some assets

Finish up your advertisement preparation with a couple of assets. Assets are the visual focal point of your ad. This can be a high quality image of your business logo, before and after photos, customer testimonial videos or photos, or graphics.

You can easily make these assets yourself on websites like Canva, or Logojoy (which also helps you create your own brand, too) for example. Just make sure you’re using high quality photos or videos. Grainy assets make you look sloppy and unprofessional.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you’re ready to start advertising. We highly recommend this resource to help you set up your first facebook advertising campaign.

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10 Ad examples and ideas for cleaning businesses

1. Lead with your branding, and showcase your staff to build trust

image of how to make facebook ads for cleaning business

One of the best ways to advertise your services is to show your leads who will be servicing their homes or office spaces.

It adds a personal touch to your ad, builds trust, and humanizes your business. Having your crew in a tidy, branded uniform showcases your professionalism, too.
We love how Adele House Cleaning showcases a smiling staff member in action with their own branded cleaning supplies. It tells the consumer exactly what they should expect when they hire Adele House Cleaning.

Image of cleaning business facebook ads

We really love how polished Adele House Cleaning’s brand is. If you’re curious, check out their Facebook Business Page, which showcases their logo, business colours, all the important contact information, and a video cover photo of their team hard at work.

2. Advertise a promotion and encourage engagement to improve ad results

Image of cleaning business facebook ads

Cleaning Ninjas did a fantastic job with one of their recent ad campaigns. Their strategy was to advertise a giveaway by making a really compelling offer that focuses on their target buyers for Mother’s Day.

Not only did they do a great job including their branding, they had a solid offer, and their call to action (CTA) was to get their audience to like and share the ad. Audience engagement on ads actually helps improve the ad performance, and get it in front of more eyes. This inevitably helps you get more leads and contacts to advertise to in the future.

3. Advertise to build your mailing list

image of how to make facebook ads for cleaning business

Plan B Cleaning does a great job using ads to get more contacts in their CRM.

They used an advertisement to collect emails by asking people to sign up for their mailing list in exchange for free services. Offering your leads a carrot is a small price to pay in exchange for all the new clientele and opportunities you can get in return.

By collecting the emails of interested clientele, Plan B Cleaning is able to send out promotional emails to these leads, have their sales team contact them, and retarget them with more ads in the future. Smart thinking, Plan B Cleaning team!

4. Leverage testimonials to win customers' hearts

image of how to make facebook ads for cleaning business

My Amazing Maid has taken a different approach to their advertising strategy by showcasing smiling customers with a testimonial overlay on top of the photo.

Instead of just including a testimonial, which can look boring in visual ads, they use a photo. Images help improve ad performance. Plus, it boosts the emotional impact of the positive review. The ad takes you directly to My Amazing Maid’s professional and branded website, where you can book a service. It’s a great flow to take leads through to seal the deal.

5. Speak to your clients pain points in your copy

image of how to make facebook ads for cleaning business

Sparkle Buddy Home & Office Cleaning does a great job at addressing their clients’ pain points by creating a relatable and compassionate ad that speaks to their clientele.

In addition to that, their ad copy is clear, and it matches their branding and logo. They’ve used a Facebook ad to encourage leads to send them a message on Facebook, or like their page.

Getting leads to like your page is a great strategic move, because they will see your regular content posts in your newsfeed, and you can collect their email addresses from subscribers.

6. Show results: before and after your services

image of how to make facebook ads for cleaning business

The Queen Clean LLC made a smart move by showcasing their services using before and after photos.

This is a great example of using assets in your ads, too. Photos don’t have to be professionally shot, you can easily use a photo collage of pictures you took on Instagram, for example. They make it really easy for a prospect to simply send them a Facebook message if they like what they see in the ad, which makes getting new leads through advertisements even easier than before!

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7. Advertise to attract new hires

image of how to make facebook ads for cleaning business

U.S. Cleaning Services LLC uses video content to showcases a few of their staff members. Although they aren’t advertising their services (these are for job openings), they are still using ads to grow their business.

Everybody knows that it’s difficult to find good candidates. Instead of advertising to clients, they are advertising to employment prospects.

It’s a smart move because it’s a cheap recruiting option. Plus, they are able to truly showcase their company culture and staff, which can help improve their candidate pool. It exposes their business with some brand awareness, and there’s an off chance that a potential client might see the ad and want to hire U.S. Cleaning Services based on their company culture and employees.

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8. Lead with your core values

image of how to make facebook ads for cleaning business

My Cleaning Angel’s ad is fantastic because it showcases one of their staff members talking us through the value they bring to their clients. Although they could have spelled it out for us in ad copy, it’s so much more compelling to hear it from the team. It humanizes the ad, and tells a compelling story that we can relate to.

They opted to put an instant message call to action on their ad so leads can get in touch after learning more about the company’s philosophy and staff.

9. Showcase your services

image of how to make facebook ads for cleaning business

U.S. Cleaning Service LLC did another great ad campaign, this time with a carousel style ad to showcase their service offerings. Each service offering is accompanied by an original photo (not a stock image), which makes the advertisement look authentic and real. If you decide to use photos in your ads, try and avoid stock images, which can look fake and disingenuous.

Take after U.S. Cleaning Service LLC by using a carousel ad to showcase specific services, like deep cleaning, steam cleaning, seasonal services, or laundry services, for example. If you want to go the extra mile, make sure each carousel feature links to specific service offering pages on your website where your leads can learn more.

10. Set a short timeline on your ad campaign with some “FOMO” and a great promo

image of how to make facebook ads for cleaning business

Adele House Cleaning is on a roll with their branding and advertising! They took a more creative approach with this ad campaign by using a graphic instead of a photograph, but it still works. The graphic is memorable, and it speaks to their target audience (in this case, it’s students).

They made a smart move by using an actionable call to action that encourages the audience to “book now.” It’s a great call to action to use because they share their promo code right in the ad copy.

The best part about this ad is that they set a time limit on how long their leads have access to, and therefore, how long the ad will run for. The short timeline creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) if you don’t book before the deadline. They also went a step further by putting emojis in the ad copy, which makes it exciting and engaging to read.

image of how to make facebook ads for cleaning business

What are the best places to advertise your cleaning business?

There are tons of ways to advertise your business. You don’t have to stick to Facebook ads if you don’t want to. Other digital advertising options we recommend include Instagram ads, Google Ads, Yelp ads, and advertisements on other lead generation websites like Thumbtack or Angie’s List.

If you want to try an advertisement strategy that gets you on to peoples’ doorsteps then you can always try postcard advertisements and direct mail. The good news is that with postcard marketing features provided by companies like Mailchimp, you’re able to track your advertising efforts and performance online, and immediately send promotions and ads to your mailing list, right from your CRM.

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