Ensure Your Customer Service is Top Notch

Sometimes we’re so focused on getting a job done that we can forget to look up and interact with the very people who make our business success possible: our customers!

Let's Start With The Numbers

According to a study by Help Scout, 80 per cent of companies believe that they provide superior customer service. Funnily enough, only 8 per cent of customers believe that these same companies actually provided them with superior customer service. Disappointing to say the least. Could you be one of these companies that are in denial? Hopefully not. Here’s how to ensure that your customer service is top notch.

Always Welcome Feedback

It’s not always easy to hear what you’re doing wrong when it comes to your business. After all, you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into building something out of nothing so naturally, it’s difficult.

However, giving your customers the opportunity to provide you with feedback is one of the most valuable things you can do for them. Customer feedback will point out weaknesses you’ve never noticed before, in turn helping you improve not only your customer service but other areas of your business.

You’ll also steer clear of angry customers venting their frustrations to potential customers, or leaving a nasty review online that could affect your business’ reputation.

Most importantly, you’ll make customers feel like you genuinely care about their opinions.

Some great ways to collect customer feedback includes:

  • Asking them in person after you’ve completed a job
  • Have a “provide us with your feedback” section on your website
  • Send them an email survey in a follow-up email

Be Welcoming

You’ve probably experienced this first hand, whether it was at a fancy restaurant or when you had to get your oil changed. Rude. Unwelcoming. Workers. Nothing can leave a customer more dissatisfied than when a worker is unwelcoming.

Make sure both you and your workers know how to make customers feel comfortable and welcomed.

A few ways to make customers feel welcomed include:

  • Be yourself, welcoming and natural, but don’t go overboard because no one likes being bombarded.
  • Don’t complain to your customers about any issues you’re facing—whether it’s how rude your last customer was, or how much work is on your plate.
  • You don’t need to follow a script, but remind yourself to interact with your customers at key points during a job. It can be as simple as warmly greeting them, asking them about their day, and thanking them at the end of a job.

Hire Attitude Over Skill

It’s way easier to teach someone how to do something than it is to teach someone how to be a nice person. The idea of hiring attitude over skills is something that many companies take seriously—including us at Jobber.

Of course, we’re not saying that technical skills aren’t important; however, attitude has been shown to be a top predictor in determining whether a hire will be a success or failure. And, of course, attitudes ties into customer service.

Your workers probably see your customers more than you do, so hiring people who know how to be positive, friendly, and helpful is important to the success of your business.

Train Your Staff

Once you’ve hired the right people, you don’t stop there. Your workers should know how to properly serve your customers, and that requires training. The right training for your workers should include knowledge of your services so employees can properly answer customer questions. Training should also go over how to deal with real-life situations, such as working with angry customers.

Customer service is an art, and we’ve all been on the receiving end of amazing customer service that raises the bar.

It’s often in the details, so tell us, what small gestures do you practice in your business that make a big impact on your customer service?

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