Sales Tips for Contractors: How to Build Trust and Win Business

Pictured above is Stanley “The Dirt Monkey” Genadek; a landscaping business owner and industry expert with a huge following on YouTube and Instagram. His Dirt Monkey University offers tips, online webinars, one-on-one coaching and a mastermind group. Stanley shared some of his top tips to build trust with prospects and close more sales.


Consumer psychology dictates that the fear of losing something you have, more often outweighs the desire of gaining something you want. So, in order to overcome fear in the sales process, it is essential to build trust with a customer before asking them for money.

The best way to do this is to use something called a consultative sales process—a method of discovery predicated upon asking questions to better understand consumer goals, motivations and spending concerns. “At that point, closing sales is no longer about price,” says Stanley Genadek “it’s about trust.”

Take the time to understand what really matters to your client. Let’s say you’re discussing a landscape project for a prospect’s backyard. Do they want a backyard where their kids can play? A backyard where they can entertain friends? Do they have drainage issues? Find out what is most important to your prospect and where the real value is for them. This way you can establish trust, your professional authority, and set clear expectations for the project and your services.

The consultative process

The well-established power of the consultative sales process can be a game changer for tradespeople competing in a market where, all too often, professional sales savvy is lacking.

Rapport is the core—the more you can interact with a customer, the more trust you establish,” says Stanley. “The ability to do so will put you light years ahead of a contractor who simply shows up, writes a number down on a piece of paper, and walks away.”

There are six steps to the trust-building process that will help you close more sales, faster:

1. Target intelligently. Smart salespeople concentrate on prospects with a high probability of closing who offer a good return on investment.

2. Add value from the first contact. Offer your prospect something they desire from the very first contact. Share your expertise and you’ll build trust.

3. Explore the possibilities. Rather than assume you know what your prospect wants, take the time to explore different options until you find one they can get excited about. Doing this the right lays the groundwork for a sale.

4. Collaborate. Invite your customer to participate in creating the ideal solution. When human beings are a part of solution design, our perception of risk goes way down, making it easier to move beyond trust barriers and commit to action.

5. Provide confirmation. Confirm every understanding, every decision as you go and by the time you get to the end of the sales process you’ll find that most objections have already been overcome because the customer’s buying criteria are already met.

6. Stay in touch. Once the sale is done stay in touch with the customer. Talk to them about delivery dates, little to-dos to get ready for installation, and tips for enjoying the outcome of the services you provide. In addition to making the customer feel good about their purchase, you’ll deepen your trust relationship with them and set yourself up for repeat business and valuable referrals.

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Stanley Genadek's 3 key sales tips

Stanley offers great video on Instagram that breaks-down his approach to consultative sales with 3 simple tips:

1. Show up on time. “If you say you’re going to be there at 10 a.m. on Monday morning for a 30-minute appointment to go over the options, do it, without fail.”

2. Deliver proposals promptly. “Anyone can write down a quote. Provide customers with a detailed quote, delivered when you say it will be delivered.”

3. Follow-up. “During the initial meeting, let the customer know that you will follow-up with them once they have had a chance to review the proposal, then schedule a call or visit to answer any questions they have.”

“Building that simple trust that—yes—you are someone who can be relied upon, takes price out of the equation,” says Stanley. “It all happens so much more organically because you’ll connect with the customer on every level until there is no objection left to overcome.”

A big thanks to Stanley Genadek from Dirt Monkey University for his insight and expertise. Check out his videos, training, and mastermind group over at

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