Carpet Cleaning Invoice Best Practices

carpet cleaning invoice

We’ve rounded up a few solid tips to ensure your invoicing practices are helping—not hindering—your cashflow.

Determining the right invoicing process for your carpet cleaning business starts with understanding how often your customers like to get invoiced and make payments, and understanding your barriers to optimal collection of your revenue.

To help you out, here are a handful of pro tips for fine-tuning your carpet cleaning invoice process and 3 clear ways accepting ePayments improves your carpet cleaning business.

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Invoicing frequency

For one off jobs, it’s important to know when to issue an invoice to your customer. Your carpet cleaning company should invoice right after the job, and collect payment on site if it’s a residential job. For the many carpet cleaners that have commercial contracts or work with residential buildings they visit multiple times in a given month, it’s better invoice on a schedule and include all visits on a single invoice.

To ensure you’re billing commercial customers in the most efficient way possible, follow these best practices when setting up your invoicing and payments agreement.

Send regular invoices to get regular payments

Set a practice of sending bills on a regular cycle, without fail, every month. Your client will appreciate the predictability of the financial routine and you will be rewarded with regular payments coming into your business. This predictability will help your cash flow and create a ready pool of funds for recurring expenses, such as monthly equipment releases and payroll.

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Have a provision for one-off jobs

If you have a regular commercial client for whom you’re providing a weekly carpet cleaning service, don’t assume that you can tack-on extra expenses to their regular bill. Invoices that are approved for a routine amount at set intervals often have a blanket approval to process. Adding extra parts or labor to deal with a side job you handled while on a routine service appointment could mean new approvals, and a delay in getting either you’re booked or one-off revenue. The better practice is to use a mobile software like Jobber to create an invoice on the spot and send it separately.

A few other invoicing best practices to keep in mind:

  • Make sure they include individual line items for jobs, time and materials
  • Deliver them promptly and include a reference or invoice number and a due date
  • Provide clear and easy payment options to reduce accounts receivable times, please customers, and make your business more efficient (see below).

Collection of payments

Most carpet cleaning businesses offer a combination of payment options: cash, check, bank transfer, money order, and ePayments. While each has its own advantage depending on the client scenario, collecting ePayments in the field is usually the shortest route between you and the money.

Accepting ePayments add proven value to your carpet cleaning business in 3 clear ways:

1. You get paid sooner

We analyzed over $100 million in payments per month in Jobber and found that ePayments get you paid 2 times faster than cash!

On average, it takes about 4 weeks for a typical contractor to collect via a bank transfer. That drops to about 3 weeks for a check. 15 days for cash, and all the way down to about a week for ePayments. Getting paid sooner means improved cash flow for monthly bills, less business volatility, and better vision into how you can grow your carpet cleaning business.

2. You improve customer service

Collecting online and via mobile is convenient for your customers. There are fewer communications to lose track of, and less chance of key information being misplaced or incorrectly noted.

With an ePayment option like Jobber Payments, any place you have a smartphone or a tablet and an internet connection, you’re equipped to process payments, with plenty of digital cookie crumbs to track success.

3. You streamline your business

As your carpet cleaning business grows, you inevitably find yourself spending more time on administrative tasks—perhaps you even have dedicated office staff. An integrated solution like Jobber that can process payments, update your invoicing records (and sync with QuickBooks Online), and automatically thank clients for a payment can replace a lot of those labor hours, and let you get back to generating more business.



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