18 of the Best Plumber Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Best Plumber Apps - Mobile Apps for Plumbers

Whether you’re looking to improve your workflow, process payroll, or make challenging plumbing calculations—having the right apps available on your phone can make running your plumbing business that much easier.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 18 best plumbing apps available, and how they can help your business in 2022 and beyond.

Apps to organize your plumbing business

Running your small service business is no easy feat. With the right tools on your toolbelt and apps in your pocket, you can streamline your business operations.

1. Jobber

image of one of the best plumber apps Jobber

Available for web, iOS, and Android users

Jobber is a plumbing service software that helps you better manage the day-to-day operations of your business on the go. 

Whether you’re scheduling service maintenance or installs, or responding to an emergency call, Jobber lets you:

“Jobber as a whole has been an excellent new addition to my plumbing company. The desktop/browser app is well developed, with Quickbooks integration for contacts, detailed options for project management, client info for multiple properties, job scheduling with the option to assign employees, as well as timesheets for payroll. If you’re looking for a robust CRM for your contracting business, this is it.” – iOS User

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2. FleetSharp

image of best plumber apps FleetSharp

Available for web, iOS, and Android users

Knowing where your plumbers are can help you make smarter and faster scheduling decisions—especially when you have multiple vehicles in the field working.

With FleetSharp your plumbing business can:

  • Access detailed reports of your vehicle activity
  • View vehicle speed, direction, and any stops made along the way
  • Get a live map view of your plumber’s location

Pro tip: Use FleetSharp with Jobber to make better scheduling decisions for your crew and dispatch from the field.

3. CompanyCam

image of best plumbing apps CompanyCam

Available on the web, iOS, and Android users

CompanyCam helps build trust with your customers by capturing details on-the-job and keeping your customers informed along the way.  

Using CompanyCam plumbers can:

  • Snap location and time-stamped photos and store them securely in the cloud
  • Add drawings, comments, tags, or voice notes to images to illustrate progress or areas of concern
  • Easily share photos of water damage with customers or insurance adjusters

Pro Tip: Integrate CompanyCam with Jobber to easily capture photos on the job and share them with your customers on invoices.

Plumbing apps to help you on-the-job

Even the best plumbers can’t memorize the complicated terminology, processes, and calculations involved in plumbing. The right apps can offer great plumbing resources to reference on the job.

Download these apps to make your plumbing services more efficient:

4. Plumbing Formulator

image of best plumber apps Plumbing Formulator

Free to download for iOS users

Plumbing Formulator is a plumbing calculator for plumbers and HVAC technicians.

A plumbing contractor can use this app to:

  • Access over 120 formulas that cover pumps, HVAC, piping, water flow, volume conversions, and water heaters
  • Email or print results right from your phone

5. BTU Calculator

Available for free for iOS users

This BTU Calculator app makes it easy to estimate the cooling needs of a room or house. Helping you pick the right-sized radiator for the job.

Other BTU Calculator features include:

  • Instantly view results as you input data
  • Considers factors including the number of occupants, amount of space, radiant heat and heat loss, orientation and R-value of windows, and the total heat output

6. Pipe Trades Pro

image of best plumber apps Pipe Trades Pro

Available for both iOS and Android users

The Pipe Trades Pro calculator is going to set you back about $25 but is highly reviewed as worth the one-time fee for plumbers. Using this app you’ll spend less time making calculations based on room dimensions, and more time working on pipe layouts, cutting, welding, and placing pipe.

Any type of plumber can use this app to:

  • Quickly reference pipe size, material, and type to view diameters, wall thickness, and more
  • Make instant calculations for tensile strength, gaskets, flange, cut lengths, angles, offset, flow rates, and more

“I use this app every single day in the field. Makes life and plumbing so much faster. I love to be accurate, no stove piping on my watch! This Calc speeds things up and has opened my brain to a lot of stuff I never used before.” – iOS Reviewer

7. Code Snap UPC

image of best plumbing apps Code Snap UPC

Available for $7.99 for iOS users 

To make sure their work aligns with national standards, Plumbers can use Code Snap UPC as a handy reference for The Uniform Plumbing Code.

With Cold Snap UPC plumbers can quickly access color-coded tables, plumbing calculators, and hundreds of pages of major plumbing codes.

8. Pipe and Fitting

image of best plumbing apps Pipe and Fitting

Available to Android users

Pipe and Fitting is a great reference tool for plumbers to find the dimension of piping and accessories. With this app, you’ll get a clear visual of different pipes, joints, clamps, and other plumbing parts, along with detailed specs and technical diagrams.

9. Electrical Wiring Pro

image of best plumber apps Electrical Wiring Pro

Available to download for iOS and Android users

Sometimes as a plumber, you have jobs that are related to basic wiring. This is when the Electrical Wiring app comes in handy. It helps you avoid making any pesky, small errors and complete the service to code.

Apps for plumbing contractors to improve your finances

Getting paid is a common pain point for general contractors, and plumbing is no different. Overdue payments can hurt your cash flow and get in the way of growing your business.

Here’s an app that can help:

10. QuickBooks

image of best plumber apps QuickBooks

Available on the web, for iOS, and Android users

QuickBooks is a vital workflow management tool for your accounting, bookkeeping, and reporting needs.

Plumbers can use QuickBooks to:

  • Access invoices, expenses, income, reports, and payroll information
  • Collect customer signatures on estimates and invoices
  • Categorize receipt photos and expenses so you’re ready for tax time

Pro Tip: QuickBooks Online integrates with Jobber to help make your workflow even smoother and organize your plumbing business finances.

“The sync between Jobber and QuickBooks has made my month-end much quicker. It has freed up important time for me to concentrate on the day to day business operations.” -Ann Lane, Park Lane Plumbing

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Plumbing apps to market and promote your business

Your plumbing certification, training, and experience are what make you a great plumber, not a great marketer. 

Use these apps to create beautiful branding for your plumbing business and market your services:

11. Canva

image of best plumber apps Canva

Available on web, iOS, and Android

Canva’s customizable templates and drag-and-drop design tool make it easy for plumbers to create a professional logo for their business. 

Plumbers can also use Canva to:

  • Create simple graphics to announce new services or special offers for email campaigns, social media, or plumbing ads
  • Design brochures, business cards, and flyers to market your business

12. Mailchimp

image of best plumber apps Mailchimp

Available for free on the web, iOS, or Android. 

Mailchimp is one of the most popular marketing automation tools for small businesses. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to create beautiful, branded emails and send email campaigns to prospects and existing customers. 

Plumbers can use Mailchimp to:

  • Send emails about recurring work, seasonal sales, special offers, or service agreements
  • Design and send postcards to residents in your service area
  • Create plumbing social posts or Facebook ads

To make sending email campaigns even easier, use Jobber and Mailchimp together and automatically sync your client list from Jobber to Mailchimp.

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13. NiceJob

image of best plumber apps NiceJob

Available on web or iOS, starting at $75 per month

Using reputation management software like NiceJob makes it easier to get more reviews, and helps you keep track of what customers are saying about your business online.

With NiceJob you can:

  • Get  more Google and Facebook reviews
  • Send email or SMS review invites
  • Automate your review requests

For a second option, you can also use SendJim to send personalized and automated customer follow-ups.

Free apps to communicate with customers

Texts, emails, or calls may allow your customer to describe their plumbing issue, but video lets you see the problem first hand. 

14. Zoom

Available on the web or for iOS or Android

Video conferencing is a tool that’s gaining some traction in the plumbing industry. Zoom is a professional and easy-to-use platform to communicate with customers and crews daily.

Use Zoom to:

  • Chat one-on-one with plumbers in the field
  • Schedule meetings or virtual consultations with customers

FaceTime (for iOS) or Skype (for iOS or Android) are two more options to help you meet potential customers and assess jobs virtually.

Mobile tools to help plumbers generate leads and win more jobs

Growing your plumbing business relies on winning more jobs. And yes, you can do it from your phone too!

15. Thumbtack

Available on the web, iOS, and Android

Growing your plumbing business requires generating new leads to keep a steady flow of work. Thumbtack is a highly-rated lead generation platform that can help increase your brand’s visibility and win more jobs.

Plumbers can use Thumbtack to:

  • Send quotes to new plumbing leads in your target area
  • Become a Top Pro and attract more leads to your plumbing business
  • Ask for online reviews and build trust with potential customers

16. ResponsiBid

Available to use on the web, and mobile-friendly

ResponsiBid is a powerful automation tool for creating proposals and instantly following up with customers to make sure no deals fall through the cracks.

Use ResponsiBid to:

  • Win more leads with accurate and instant quotes
  • Upsell more plumbing services
  • Automate your quote follow-ups

Pro Tip: Sync ResponsiBid with Jobber, Zapier, and Google Calendar to quote jobs, schedule services, invoice work, and more—seamlessly.

“We recently started using ResponsiBid and now customers can get their own quotes and book jobs through Jobber from our website. It was a game-changer for us.” – Royce Ard, My Amazing Maid

Other useful plumbing tools and utilities

Having these apps available on your phone can save you from carrying all of your plumbing tools to quick customer inspections. 

Apps to (literally) lighten your load includes:

17. Measuring tool and level

Apps available for iOS and Android

Mobile apps for measuring and leveling can make the job easier when working in tight or difficult spaces. It will also save you from pulling out the tape measure every time you need to make a quick measurement.

18. Flashlight

iOS and Android options are available

Being a plumber often means working under countertops, behind water tanks, or in other cramped and dark areas. Having a flashlight app on your phone gives you quick access to light when you need it the most.

Use the right apps to manage your plumbing business

When it comes to mobile apps for plumbers, there’s no shortage of supply. But, the goal is always to work smarter, not harder—so don’t worry about downloading all of these apps at once.

If you’re just starting your plumbing business or are looking to organize the business you already have, choose the apps that help fill any gaps or solve any issues in your company. Then download them to your team’s mobile devices, iPads, or tablets.

By slowly adding the right apps to your workflow, you’ll build up your digital toolbox to boost your business efficiency in no time.

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Originally published July 2020. Last updated January 21st, 2022.



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