5 Ways To Get More Revenue From Existing Clients

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All the marketing gurus say it’s much easier and less expensive to sell more to existing clients than to earn a new client. 

Make sure when you are planning your sales growth strategy that you consider both new client acquisition, as well as targeting your current customer base. Here are five ways to increase your revenue from your current customer base.

1. Analyze your customer list for cross-selling opportunities

To analyze your opportunities, you need to create two lists:

  1. A list of services you can provide – for example lawn fertilization, lawn aeration, lawn mowing, pruning, sprinkler blow-outs, etc.
  2. A list of your customers.

Both of these lists are easily accessible in Jobber. You can pull up your services and products list, and download a list of your clients.

Once you have your lists, identify which customers are not receiving all of your services, and make a list of those additional services you could offer them.

If you run a seasonal business, come up with a plan prior to the season kick-off to communicate with those customers and offer the services they are not receiving that would be a good fit for them.

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2. Train your team to look for opportunities in the field for cross-selling or up-selling

When your team is out in the field, they should be on the lookout for new business opportunities. For example, if your lawn care team notices that one of your client’s has a brown spot because the sprinkler system isn’t adjusted properly, have them take a picture. Follow up with the client and ask if you can assist with that.

Consider offering the team commissions or incentives for increasing sales through their efforts.

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3. Stay in touch with your customers

Do you send out newsletters, holiday cards, or reminder emails? Do you followup with your customers after a visit? Find a way to keep in touch with your customers so that your business stays at the top of their mind.

4. Remind your clients of all the services you offer

This can be done via notes on the bill, social media or email campaigns, website updates, or education tips that you leave at the house when done with a job. Don’t assume that clients are aware of, or remember, all the services you provide.

5. Offer related products or services.

For example, a snow plowing outfit may also offer to leave a bag of ice melt for their customers for an additional fee. An HVAC repair team may offer maintenance contracts or filter subscriptions to increase the total revenue associated with their visit.

Many business owners trying to grow their sales focus on adding new clients, and forget the opportunities with their existing clients. Communicating with your existing customers, and consistently looking for opportunities both at the office and in the field can grow your revenue without the increased costs associated with new client acquisition.

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