Being a plumbing professional is busy work. From starting your own plumbing business to pricing plumbing jobs accurately, there’s a lot to do. You don’t always have time to scour the internet for the best plumbing resources to get a leg up on the competition.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best plumbing blogs and resources. We’ve even included a list of the best plumbing YouTubers if that’s more your speed.

Use these resources to help you stay sharp, knowledgeable, and ahead of the curve when it comes to plumbing industry trends.

If you want to start your own plumbing blog, use these as inspiration. We’ve even included some tips to help you get started.

The 10 Best Plumbing Services Blogs

1. Mr. Rooter

Best Plumbing Resources: Mr. Rooter

Mr. Rooter is a well-known name in plumbing with the franchise power behind them. A majority of the posts are targeted at consumers looking for answers to their plumbing questions and issues. But you can use their blog to find topics professional plumbers would also find helpful.

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2. Reddit Plumbing – r/Plumbing

Plumbing services blog: Reddit

If you’re looking for an online plumbing community, r/Plumbing might just be the place for you. Reddit is a great place to connect with other plumbing professionals, share stories, ask questions (as long as it’s not against the group rules), and even share a fun meme. You can find anything from crazy photos on a job to tips on how other plumbers are dealing with the challenges of COVID.

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3. Jobber Academy

Plumbing Blogs: Jobber Academy

Along with plumbing business software, we also have a blog! Jobber Academy is dedicated to helping plumbers and other service business professionals organize their operations. We gather expert advice, success stories, best practices, and tools for plumbers of all experience levels looking to improve their businesses. Expect a new article at least three times a week.

Pro Tip: Subscribe to the Jobber Academy newsletter to get the latest and greatest plumbing news delivered to your inbox.

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4. Len the Plumber

Plumbing resources: Len the Plumber
If you’re looking for inspiration to start your own plumbing blog, Len the Plumber is the perfect starting point. It’s primarily intended for homeowners and potential customers, but it provides helpful and accessible insight into topics homeowners would be interested in. And you never know — you might learn something new! Len also has a newsletter, which can serve as inspiration if you want to start your own email newsletter.

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5. Mailchimp

Plumbing blogs: Mailchimp

Being a plumber isn’t just about plumbing — it’s also about being an entrepreneur, and that includes marketing. The Mailchimp blog is overflowing with email marketing tips and beyond. Find marketing tips for small businesses like how to say thanks to your customers and a guide to retargeting.

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6. The Plumbing Info


Best plumbing blogs for 2020
With a consumer-facing blog and an expert-focused blog, The Plumbing Info has you covered. Find helpful how-tos, a plumbing dictionary, and product reviews to help you become a better, more knowledgeable plumber. The blog isn’t updated weekly but you can still find a ton of helpful content.

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7. Plumber Mag

Plumbing blog: Plumber Magazine

Plumbing Mag covers a variety of topics in the plumbing industry so you’ll never struggle to find what you’re looking for. From residential to commercial, business to tools, COVID to training, plumber mag is dedicated to helping plumbing professionals do their jobs more effectively. New blog posts are published just about every day and you don’t need a subscription to the magazine to read online.

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8. Plumbing Perspective

Plumbing Blogs: Plumbing Perspective

Powered by Mechanical Hub in 2012, the Plumbing Perspective blog is dedicated to educating plumbing contractors with expert interviews, product reviews, videos, and more. The blog is updated regularly and you can even subscribe to their email newsletter to get their most-read plumbing news.

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9. NiceJob Blog

Plumbing Blogs: NiceJob Daily

NiceJob’s blog covers a range of marketing, sales, and service business tips, with a focus on customer reviews and reputation marketing. Find out how to use customer reviews in your marketing and how to build a social media presence that impresses customers.

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BONUS: NiceJob integrates with Jobber so you can send your customers review reminders to help you get more reviews and build your online reputation.

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10. QuickBooks Blog

Plumbing Blogs: Quickbooks

As a small business owner, your accounting and bookkeeping can get messy. The QuickBooks blog is an accessible and regularly updated resource you can rely on for help with most of the questions you might have about the financial aspects of your business.

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5 Plumbing YouTube Channels to Subscribe to

1. Roger Wakefield

Roger Wakefield: Plumbing Blogs

Roger Wakefield has made his plumbing YouTube channel a true career with 52.1k subscribers. A Master Plumber with 40 years of experience, Roger now dedicates his time to sharing plumbing tips, tricks, and DIY plumbing, with the overall goal of helping plumbers grow. Some videos are also for consumers but the majority of his channel is for plumbers at any stage of their career. Expect expertly edited videos and eye-catching thumbnails that will hook you in.

Upload frequency: 3 days/week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

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2. Steven Lavinmoniere

Steven Lavinmoniere: best plumbing YouTubers

With 126k subscribers, Steven Lavinmoniere takes a no-nonsense approach to his YouTube channel. Every day he takes you inside properties on the job and promises to show every type of job a plumber will encounter: good, bad, easy, and hard. Expect the ultimate tips and guides for how to do just about everything you encounter on a plumbing job.

Upload frequency: About once a day

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3. Allen Hart

Allen Hart: Best Plumbing YouTubers

British YouTubing plumber Allen Hart has 28k subscribers and posts videos on helpful plumbing and heating tips. He regularly posts plumbing how-to videos geared towards plumbers at every stage in their career, with a real focus on safety.

Upload frequency: Daily

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4. P B Plumber

P B Plumber: Best Plumbing YouTubers

Another British Youtuber, PB Plumber has 21.6k subscribers and posts how-to videos, gear/tool reviews, and a day in the life videos. P B Plumber doesn’t publish very often but when he does, you can expect polished, helpful videos that rack up views quickly.

Upload frequency: Monthly or quarterly

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5. Kenny Molotov

Kenny Molotov: Plumbing YouTubers

With 4.69k subscribers, Kenny Molotov is definitely a plumbing YouTuber you want to subscribe to. He posts live streams, a day in the life of a plumber style videos, and lots of videos catered to aspiring plumbers or new plumbers. Kenny is personable and full of the knowledge of how to be a successful plumber.

Upload frequency: Weekly

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Should plumbing business owners start their own blog?

If you’re feeling inspired after reading this, starting a plumbing blog might be the right move for your business. A business blog can help you get your name and business found by consumers.

Here’s why:

  1. Traffic: A blog helps you drive traffic to your site. Not only does blogging help you with content creation for social media, but it also helps you get found on Google. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help make that happen. When you’re discoverable on Google, you’re more likely to get website visitors. That takes us to the next point!
  2. Leads: A high-traffic website increases your chances of generating leads. The more people visit your website, the more likely they are to see a service they need and fill out an online booking form to schedule an appointment.
  3. Authority: While you know that you’re a professional plumber with all of the skills needed to help your customers, your potential customers might need a reminder. A plumbing blog positions you as a plumbing expert. Your blog posts can help prospects answer common questions, building trust in your plumbing business. Prospective customers will see you as a plumbing authority which makes them more likely to trust you with their plumbing issues. As a special bonus, a plumbing blog shows your visitors that you truly love what you do!

A strong plumbing blog starts with a strong website. To help you get started on your own if you don’t have one yet, take a look at our guide on how to create a website for your service business.

These plumbing website design examples might be the inspiration you need to give your website a makeover and grow your online presence.


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