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Landscaping company names take so many different shapes and forms—it’s hard to know what name fits the kind of business you’re building.

We can help with that. As you go through this article, you’ll find hundreds of good landscaping company names to inspire you. Pick one you like, or use our lists as inspiration to create a unique name of your own.

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40 professional landscaping business name ideas

When you’re starting a landscaping business, it’s important to choose a name that sounds professional. This helps potential clients think positively about your service business brand.

Here are some examples of professional-sounding landscaping company names:

  • Accomplish Landscapers
  • Advantage Landscape Experts
  • Ambition Custom Landscapes
  • Architect Landscaping Partners
  • Artisan Landscape Services
  • Authority Landscapers
  • Bold Landscaping
  • Champion Custom Landscapes
  • Classic Landscape Services
  • Complete Landscape Experts
  • Create Landscaping Pros
  • Custom Landscapers
  • Dynamic Landscaping
  • Edge Landscape Services
  • Elevate Custom Landscapes
  • Elite Landscapers
  • Essential Landscapes
  • Expert Landscapers
  • Focus Landscaping Pros
  • Foundation Landscaping
  • Guaranteed Landscape Services
  • Icon Landscaping
  • Innovate Landscape Experts
  • Insight Landscaping
  • Invent Custom Landscapes
  • Luxury Landscapers
  • Master Landscaping
  • Modern Landscape Services
  • Paragon Landscaping Pros
  • Power Landscaping
  • Premier Landscaping Partners
  • Prosper Landscape Experts
  • Quality Landscapers
  • Signature Landscapes
  • Success Landscaping
  • Summit Landscape Services
  • Talent Landscaping Partners
  • Trailblaze Landscape Experts
  • Venture Landscaping
  • Vision Landscapers

Pro Tip: If you decide to use one of the names in this article, do a quick Google search to make sure it’s not already in use. You should also check your local trademark database to make sure it isn’t trademarked in your region.

70 upbeat landscaping company names

When clients feel good about you, they’re more likely to trust you and use your services. These landscaping names use positive-sounding words to create good feelings around their brands:

  • Abide Landscape Experts
  • Abound Landscapes
  • Absolute Landscape Services
  • Adept Landscape Experts
  • Admire Landscapers
  • Adore Landscaping
  • Adventure Landscape Experts
  • Allure Landscapers
  • Amaze Landscape Services
  • Appeal Landscaping Pros
  • Ascend Landscapers
  • Aspire Landscape Services
  • Assure Landscaping
  • Avid Landscape Experts
  • Awesome Landscapers
  • Balance Landscape Services
  • Bliss Landscaping
  • Bounty Landscape Experts
  • Brilliant Landscaping Pros
  • Captivate Landscapes
  • Clear Landscape Services
  • Color Landscaping
  • Command Landscapes
  • Cornerstone Landscapers
  • Delight Landscape
  • Discover Custom Landscapes
  • Dream Landscapes
  • Enchanting Landscaping
  • Endure Landscape Services
  • Energy Landscaping Pros
  • Enhance Landscape Experts
  • Enjoy Landscapes
  • Enlighten Landscaping
  • Excite Landscape Services
  • Fair Landscapes
  • Fame Landscape Experts
  • Fantasy Landscaping
  • Fine Landscaping Services
  • Flawless Landscape Services
  • Flex Landscapers
  • Glamor Landscape Experts
  • Glorious Landscape Services
  • Grow Landscaping Pros
  • Harmony Landscape Experts
  • Heavenly Landscapes
  • Imagine Landscaping
  • Incredible Landscape Services
  • Influence Landscape Experts
  • Inviting Landscapes
  • Keen Landscape Services
  • Lavish Landscapers
  • Legendary Landscape Experts
  • Limber Landscaping
  • Luster Landscape Services
  • Marvel Landscapers
  • Merry Landscape Services
  • Perfect Landscaping Pros
  • Persist Landscape Experts
  • Pioneer Landscapers
  • Pluck Landscape Services
  • Prevail Landscape Experts
  • Pristine Landscapes
  • Profound Landscape Services
  • Remarkable Landscaping Pros
  • Restore Landscapers
  • Rouse Landscape Services
  • Serene Landscaping
  • Stellar Landscape Experts
  • Vivid Landscaping Pros
  • Wonder Landscapers

Pro Tip: Like one of these names but don’t think it sounds quite right? Just change the end of the name—you might prefer a descriptor like Landscapers, Landscaping Pros, or Landscape Services.

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100 nature-inspired landscaping name ideas

Landscapers work out in nature every day, so many like to include natural elements in their business’s name, too. These names are based on plants, animals, and other things found in nature:

  • Acacia Custom Landscapes
  • Acorn Landscaping
  • Agave Landscape Experts
  • Alder Landscaping Partners
  • Aloe Landscapes
  • Amaranth Custom Landscapes
  • Arctic Landscaping
  • Arrowhead Landscape Experts
  • Blackbird Landscapers
  • Bloom Landscaping
  • Blossom Custom Landscapes
  • Blue Oak Landscapes
  • Bluestem Landscape Experts
  • Blush Landscaping
  • Bobcat Custom Landscapes
  • Breeze Landscapes
  • Camellia Landscape Experts
  • Cedar Landscapers
  • Cliff Landscaping
  • Clover Custom Landscapes
  • Coast Landscape Experts
  • Cottongrass Landscaping Partners
  • Country Landscapes
  • Crane Landscaping
  • Cypress Custom Landscapes
  • Dogwood Landscapers
  • Dragonfly Landscape Experts
  • Earth Landscaping Partners
  • Evergreen Custom Landscapes
  • Falcon Landscaping
  • Fescue Landscape Experts
  • Field Landscapers
  • Finch Landscapes
  • Forest Custom Landscapes
  • Foxtail Landscaping
  • Grove Landscaping Partners
  • Hawthorn Landscape Experts
  • Hazelnut Custom Landscapes
  • Hickory Landscapes
  • Horizon Landscapers
  • Ironwood Landscaping
  • Island Custom Landscapes
  • Ivy Landscape Experts
  • Juniper Landscapes
  • Kingfisher Landscaping Partners
  • Larch Custom Landscapes
  • Lark Landscaping
  • Larkspur Landscape Experts
  • Laurel Landscapes
  • Lavender Landscapers
  • Leatherleaf Landscaping
  • Lemongrass Custom Landscapes
  • Lilac Landscapes
  • Lily Landscape Experts
  • Linden Landscaping Partners
  • Lodgepole Landscaping
  • Longleaf Custom Landscapes
  • Lotus Landscapes
  • Lush Landscape Experts
  • Magnolia Landscaping
  • Maple Custom Landscapes
  • Marigold Landscapes
  • Meadow Landscape Experts
  • Mountain Pine Landscaping
  • Orchid Landscapers
  • Oriole Landscaping Partners
  • Palm Custom Landscapes
  • Papyrus Landscape Experts
  • Petunia Landscaping
  • Pine Landscapers
  • Plum Custom Landscapes
  • Pollen Landscaping Partners
  • Poplar Landscape Experts
  • Poppy Landscaping
  • Redwood Custom Landscapes
  • River Birch Landscapes
  • Rosemary Landscaping Pros
  • Sage Landscapers
  • Sedge Landscape Experts
  • Silktree Custom Landscapes
  • Silvergrass Landscapes
  • Snapdragon Landscaping Partners
  • Sparrow Landscaping
  • Speargrass Landscapers
  • Sprout Custom Landscapes
  • Spruce Landscape Experts
  • Starling Landscapes
  • Sunflower Landscaping Pros
  • Sycamore Custom Landscapes
  • Taro Landscaping
  • Verbena Landscape Experts
  • Verdant Landscaping Partners
  • Walnut Landscapers
  • Water Lily Landscaping
  • Wellspring Custom Landscapes
  • White Pine Landscapes
  • Willow Landscape Experts
  • Windgrass Landscaping Partners
  • Wisteria Landscaping
  • Zinnia Custom Landscapes

35 creative landscaping company names

A creative or clever landscaping business name helps you stand out from competitors and makes you easy to remember. You might like to use a creative landscaping name like:

  • Aspen Leaf Landscaping
  • Bark & Branch Landscaping
  • Beauty in the Dirt Landscape Services
  • Birdbath Landscape Partners
  • Built Green Landscaping
  • Clover Leaf Landscape Experts
  • Earth & Air Custom Landscapes
  • Ecoscape Outdoor Solutions
  • Field & Forest Landscaping
  • Four Leaf Landscaping Pros
  • Four Season Landscaping Services
  • Full Circle Landscaping
  • Garden Partners Landscaping
  • Grassworks Landscaping Pros
  • Heart & Home Landscape Services
  • Heaven On Earth Landscapes
  • Hedge & Herb Landscaping Pros
  • Muddy Boots Landscape Experts
  • Naturally Beautiful Landscaping
  • Open Air Landscaping
  • Outstanding Outdoors
  • Panorama Landscaping Partners
  • Paradise Custom Landscapes
  • Return to Nature Landscaping
  • Rock Steady Landscape Experts
  • Salt of the Earth Landscapers
  • Serene Scapes
  • Shovel & Shears Landscape Services
  • The Art of Nature Landscaping
  • Town and Country Landscapes
  • Tree of Life Landscaping Partners
  • Trellis Landscaping Partners
  • Walk the Path Landscaping
  • Wild River Custom Landscapes
  • Your Space Landscaping

Pro Tip: If you offer winter landscaping services like snow removal, make sure to include that in your landscaping business name.

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50 location-based landscaping company names

Including your location in your name will show clients that you’re in their region. You may also be more likely to show up in search engine results if you use a location-specific name like:

  • Anaheim Custom Landscapes
  • Anchorage Landscape Services
  • Arlington Landscape Experts
  • Bakersfield Landscapers
  • Boise Landscaping Pros
  • Buffalo Landscape Services
  • Chandler Custom Landscapes
  • Chesapeake Landscapes
  • Chula Vista Landscape Experts
  • Cincinnati Landscape Services
  • Cleveland Landscaping Partners
  • Corpus Christi Landscapers
  • Durham Custom Landscapes
  • Fort Wayne Landscaping
  • Fremont Landscape Experts
  • Frisco Landscape Services
  • Garland Landscapes
  • Gilbert Custom Landscapes
  • Glendale Landscaping
  • Greensboro Landscape Services
  • Henderson Landscapers
  • Honolulu Landscaping Pros
  • Irvine Custom Landscapes
  • Irving Landscaping Partners
  • Jersey City Landscape Experts
  • Laredo Landscape Services
  • Lexington Custom Landscapes
  • Lincoln Landscaping Pros
  • Lubbock Landscape Services
  • Madison Landscaping
  • New Orleans Landscapers
  • Newark Landscaping Pros
  • Norfolk Custom Landscapes
  • North Las Vegas Landscape Services
  • Orlando Landscape Experts
  • Pittsburgh Landscapes
  • Plano Landscape Services
  • Reno Custom Landscapes
  • Richmond Landscaping Partners
  • Riverside Landscaping
  • San Juan Landscapers
  • Santa Ana Landscaping Pros
  • Scottsdale Landscape Services
  • Spokane Landscapes
  • St. Louis Custom Landscapes
  • St. Paul Landscaping
  • St. Petersburg Landscape Experts
  • Stockton Landscaping Pros
  • Toledo Landscapers
  • Wichita Custom Landscapes

50 landscaping businesses using personal names

Thinking of using your first or last name for your business name? This can be a great idea if you’re building the company on your reputation and relationships.

Here are some examples of businesses using personal names:

  • Adams Landscapers
  • Anderson & Sons Landscape Experts
  • Baker Family Landscape Services
  • Brown Landscaping Partners
  • Campbell Custom Landscapes
  • Carter Landscape Services
  • Clark Landscaping Pros
  • Collins Landscape Experts
  • Cooper Landscapers
  • Davis Brothers Custom Landscapes
  • Diaz Landscape Services
  • Foster & Daughters Landscapes
  • Garcia & Sons Landscape Experts
  • Gonzalez Landscaping Pros
  • Green Custom Landscapes
  • Hall Landscapers
  • Harris Landscape Services
  • Hernandez Landscaping Partners
  • Hill Family Landscape Experts
  • Jackson Custom Landscapes
  • Johnson Landscape Services
  • Jones & Sons Landscapes
  • King Landscaping Pros
  • Lee & Daughters Landscapers
  • Lewis Landscape Experts
  • Lopez Custom Landscapes
  • Martinez Landscape Services
  • Miller Bros Landscaping Pros
  • Mitchell Sisters Landscaping
  • Moore & Daughters Landscapers
  • Murphy Landscape Experts
  • Nelson Family Landscapes
  • Nguyen Landscape Services
  • Patel Custom Landscapes
  • Perez Landscapers
  • Rivera & Sons Landscaping Pros
  • Roberts Landscaping
  • Robinson Landscape Experts
  • Rodriguez Landscape Services
  • Scott Brothers Landscapers
  • Smith Landscaping Partners
  • Taylor Family Landscaping Pros
  • Thomas Custom Landscapes
  • Thompson Landscaping
  • Torres Landscape Experts
  • Walker Family Landscapers
  • White Landscape Services
  • Williams Sisters Landscapes
  • Wilson Landscaping Pros
  • Young Custom Landscapes

Pro Tip: Using your personal name for your business can save time in the long run, since many countries don’t require you to register that type of name. However, don’t go this route if you plan to sell your landscaping business at any point in the future.

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5 real landscaping business name examples

How do other entrepreneurs come up with their business names? Here’s the thinking behind five real-life landscaping names:

  • Aspect Landscaping SC: “In the landscape industry, focusing and perfecting EVERY aspect of each and every project is what we strive to do. Most folks will overlook the smaller things… we don’t.” —Sean Roz
  • Frog Bottom Irrigation & Landscape: “We live in a tiny valley in Utah. No stores or gas stations. Closest amenities are 15 minutes away. Back in the day, the old timers nicknamed the lower valley “Frog Bottom” and the upper valley “Rose Hill.” We live in Frog Bottom… thus the name.” —Erin Hicken
  • The Garden Gnome: “We began in 2000 as a regular ol’ landscape contractor. We wanted something fun and magical. As we narrowed our focus to organic living water features, we added the DBA (The Pond Gnome) in 2003.” —Barbi Holdeman
  • R-A-G Thyme Gardening Inc.: “I wanted to ‘rent’ myself out to anyone that needed help. I always said, ‘It’s Thyme to Rent-A-Gardener at RAG Thyme Gardening.’” —Cathy Gregoire Haynes
  • Jim’s Mowing Aarde Werk: “Jim’s Mowing is a landscaping franchise and Aarde Werk is Dutch for Earth Work. It also kinda sounds like ‘yard work’ in English.” —Victor De Jager

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How to name your landscaping business

Once you decide on a name, you’ll need to register your business with your local government. Just head over to your nearest registry office with the required fee, or use a tool like Ownr to get registered.

The registration process can look different from country to country:

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Now that you’ve gone through our list of landscaping company names, you’re ready to choose your own. Pick a name that’s unique, memorable, and easy to say, then register it to protect your brand.

With that detail out of the way, you’re ready to build a successful landscaping business.

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