Instant payouts give you flexibility and control to speed up your cash flow when you need it.

You probably won’t need this 100% of the time. It’s most useful in specific circumstances for payroll, bill payments, or acting quickly on a lead, for example–whatever you need funds quickly for!

Now all Jobber customers and Jobber Payments users can enjoy the speed, convenience, and easy-to-use payment option in their daily workflow.

With Jobber Payments we have been getting paid 99.9% of the time at the time of service.

Before COVID-19 we always had a couple of thousand bucks in invoice unpaid for 30-60 days.  Now, invoices are almost 100% paid at the time of service. Jobber Payments have made this SUPER easy!

––Donovan Quesenberry, Owner of DIV Cleaning Service

Donovan Quesenberry, DIV Cleaning Service
Donovan Quesenberry, DIV Cleaning Service

What’s the difference between instant payouts and standard payouts?

Imagine your client pays their invoice or quote deposits with credit or debit.

If you choose an instant payout, you’re able to access the funds in your bank account immediately.

If you choose an standard payout, the paid invoice will be processed using the standard credit and debit payout method. You’ll have access to your funds within a little bit of a waiting period (2 business days).

Note: you’ll continue to receive payouts in your bank account from all the previous paid invoices that roll in over time. They are sent to your bank account every night around midnight UTC.


Jobber customers in North America on all plans are eligible to use instant payouts so long as they have:

  • Used Jobber for at least 3 months
  • Processed over $10,000 using Jobber Payments
  • And have processed over 10 payments

Your bank debit card must support Visa FastFunds or Mastercard Send in order to facilitate an instant payout.

If you meet these conditions, then you get access to funds faster than with credit and debit payments.

This happens faster because instant payouts uses a different system than standard credit card processing payouts does. It uses Jobber Payments as a third party to make these funds available to you.

This happens even before the funds are transferred from your client’s bank to yours.

image of instant payouts in action
Here’s how instant payouts works in action.


Now, you might be asking, “why should I use instant payouts?”

Instant payouts are the perfect solution for business owners who offer credit or debit payment options (like Jobber Payments) to their clients, and want to speed up the payment method, rather than waiting two business days for funds to reach their bank account.

While other payment options, like cash and cheques) seem to give you cash flow flexibility, they take time and energy to collect and process. They can even introduce risk and liability.

It’s best to consider all your options when making big decisions like which payment methods you want to use to run your business.

Each payment method presents a great option for your business, and your customers. Don’t lose sight of that.

Choosing the best payment option for you depends on your business needs and what timelines you’re able to work with. So, choose what’s right for you.

Below are examples of how each payment option works in action.

Credit card payments via emailed invoice have been great for us. We often work with out of town customers, property management services and other businesses that may not be on site. This allows us to get our payments quickly and easily.

––Allan Jerman, Owner of A-MAX Hardwood

––Allan Jerman, Owner of A-MAX Hardwood
Allan Jerman, A-MAX Hardwood


image of instant payouts

Day 1:

Your client pays by credit card using an on-site card-reader once you complete the job.

You want to get the funds in hand immediately. You select “payout now” in your Jobber account and enter the amount that you want to deposit from the available balance.

Within seconds, the money is in your bank account and you can pay your bills the same day.



Day 1:

Your client pays their invoice using the link in their invoice a few minutes after you’ve sent it to them.

Your payment processor (Jobber Payments) starts processing the transaction between your customer’s credit card, their bank account, and your bank account.

Day 3:

You receive the funds in your bank account and pay your bills as soon as possible.*

*Funds are sent to your bank account every night around midnight UTC with standard credit and debit payouts. They will arrive in your bank account within two business days.

Keep in mind that payments will continue to arrive in your bank account throughout the week as your clients pay their invoices.

If you need to access funds sooner, cover a cash flow gap, or take advantage of an time-sensitive opportunity, then you can use instant payouts to access the funds from the paid invoice immediately.


Day 1:

Your tech completes the work while your client wasn’t home.

The client has the cash ready the moment they get home. They leave it under the doormat for you to pick up two days from now.

Day 3:

Your tech does their rounds to pick up payment from all clients within the past three days.

They pick up the cash at the end of the work day.

Day 4:

Your tech accidentally left the cash envelope at home before leaving for work in the morning.

They give you the invoice payments at 4PM.

Day 5:

The bank was closed yesterday after work. You deposit the money first thing in the morning so you can pay your bills online.



Day 1:

Your tech emails your client an invoice immediately after the job is done.

The client writes you a cheque and puts it in the mailbox by the end of the day.

Day 3:

You get your mail in the afternoon and find your client’s cheque.

You don’t have time to deposit the cheque today because you got held up at a jobsite.

Day 4:

Since your bank doesn’t offer e-deposit processing, you decide to deposit the cheques when you need to pay your taxes.

However, the bank is closed today because it’s Sunday.

Day 5:

You manage to visit the bank in the afternoon. You can deposit your cheques and file your taxes.

Your bank starts processing the cheque to verify it against fraud and sufficient funds.

You technically have the money in your account, but the cheque could bounce.

Day 6:

You get the money in your bank account for sure and can officially pay your bills without being in the red.

Jobber’s helped drastically with money coming in for payments. About half of our clients will now go through Jobber payments, which saves my secretary from calling and trying to get payment. Calling and sending emails would burn up a lot of time.

Now, we can have a click of a button and know exactly who paid. The nice thing I like is it shows up that we got paid. We know right away.

––Cody Loewen, Owner of Loewen Plumbing and Gasfitting



A solo general contracting business owner is finishing a project for his client.

The client asks him if he can do a bit more work—just a backsplash. They happily offer to pay for the cost up front using a credit card.

He gives his clients a quote for the cost of the materials and labor, and they put down a deposit for the backsplash.

Next, he puts in a rush order with his tile supplier. He has to pay out of pocket for now because his client’s money won’t be deposited to his bank account for two more days.

He pays $200 out of pocket to get the materials he needs and keep his clients happy.

The same day, he gets a separate work request for an emergency tile job that will pay him $550 up front.

The deadline is in 24 hours. He really wants to take it on.

However, he realizes he doesn’t have cash on hand to buy the materials, which cost his $350.

Plus, he’s already $200 in the hole from paying out of pocket for the last project.

He has to wait for his money to “catch up” before he can buy the supplies.

He explains this to his new prospect, and they chose another service provider who can complete the project on time.

Image of instant payouts for home service business owners


A cleaning business owner had one of the busiest days on record.

She gets a last minute call from a referral lead who is asking for a deep clean for their new tenants.

It’s a 30 minute drive from her current location.

If she takes the job, she could earn $350, which would help her launch a digital marketing plan to help grow her business.

She’d love to get it done, but her car is running empty.

She tells her client she will make it, hangs up the phone, and requests an instant payout from her Jobber account dashboard.

Since her previous clients paid their invoices right away, she can access the funds immediately.

She quickly stops for gas, pays by debit, reaches the jobsite in a jiffy, and knocks the job out of the park.

She invoices the new client in her car before leaving the jobsite and they pay it right away.

She heads home to take care of her kids.

When they’re asleep she launches her Instagram ad campaign a week earlier than expected because she can.

Before bed she continues to hustle.

She emails her happy clients and asks them for referrals to use in her ad campaign and on her website.


Instant payouts are helpful for business owners who need flexibility with their cash flow. When you’re running your business on the go, you need to make quick decisions, and be able to execute those decisions easily.

Every decision can have an impact on what happens in the next 24 hours.

Having access to funds empowers you to make the right decisions for your business quickly. That way, you can chase your goals, grow your business, win more jobs, and continue to provide excellent service to your clients.

Instant payouts gives you control over your cash flow. You don’t have to wait for your funds to be processed before saying “yes” to a job, a new tool, or your next marketing campaign.

With instant payouts, you can receive money in seconds, 24/7, even on weekends and holidays.

That way you can run your business as normal and feel empowered to do so because you can access cash more quickly.


Instant payouts are part of your daily Jobber workflow. There’s no need to stop what you’re doing on the jobsite to make a request. You can also access the feature while doing your invoicing, quoting, dispatching, and client management.


When you’re in your Jobber account, select “payout now.”

Enter the amount that you want to deposit from the available balance.

Here’s what instant payouts looks like in your Jobber dashboard.



Boom! Within seconds, you’ll have money in your bank account—even if it’s a weekend or a holiday.

Remember that your available balance is the total from the invoices paid that day using Jobber Payments (before midnight UTC). You can request as much or as little of the available balance as you wish on a given day.

Funds that are not paid using an instant payout get placed in the standard payout processing queue (2 business days).


You pay an additional 1% on top of your plan-based processing rate per transaction to use instant payouts. So, if you pay 2.9% per transaction, you would pay 3.9% on for an instant payout transaction.

image of jobber payments fees
Jobber Payments transactions fees are transparent and based on your plan.


Jobber customers in North America on all plans are eligible to use Instant Payouts so long as they have:

  • Used Jobber for at least 3 months
  • Processed over $10,000 using Jobber Payments
  • And have processed over 10 payments

Your bank debit card must support Visa FastFunds or Mastercard Send in order to facilitate an instant payout.

In the US, if your card says ‘Visa Debit’, and you are with one of the major banks, you are extremely likely to have a compatible card. Here are lists of American and Canadian Banks that are currently supported.

Want to be able to control your cash flow?

Get paid now!