As an HVAC professional, you’re constantly busy marketing, pricing jobs, doing the work, or getting paid. There’s little time for browsing the internet to find HVAC blogs and news sites for information on what’s happening in the industry.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 23 of the best HVAC blogs, news sites, forums, and other resources for busy HVAC professionals. Use them to stay updated on the latest HVAC news, generate HVAC blog topics, and inspire you when you decide to create your own blog.

Best HVAC blogs

1. Jobber Academy

HVAC Blogs: Jobber Academy

Jobber Academy helps home service businesses like HVAC businesses succeed by providing useful content and sharing expert advice and success stories. We have a complete HVAC resource hub, too.

Use Jobber Academy to find HVAC content that covers topics such as:

2. ACCA Blog

22 Best HVAC Blogs: ACA Blog

Air Conditioner Contractors of America’s (ACCA) goal is to improve the HVAC industry’s overall health and help their 60,000 HVAC professionals succeed by providing resources and networking opportunities. The ACA Blog is one of the ways they accomplish their goal.

3. National Air Warehouse Blog

22 Best HVAC Blogs: National Air Warehouse

The National Air Warehouse blog targets homeowners and HVAC professionals. Use it to learn about your customers and their aspirations (e.g., wanting to go green) and how to grow your business, solve your own problems and make the right decisions, like how to choose the right programmable thermostat for your business.

4. The HVAC Blog

22 Best HVAC Blogs: HVAC Blog

The HVAC Blog is a roundup of HVAC blog articles, installation and maintenance guides, and videos. Most of the content is geared to homeowners, but it gives great insight into common problems your customers have. Check out how the HVAC blog solves those problems with engaging content.

There are also some useful posts for HVAC professionals like this one: Technical School vs.College: How HVAC Professionals Can Earn More Than College Graduates.

5. Cielo’s Smart HVAC Blog

CIELO HVAC blog logo

Looking for a comprehensive guide to keep your home climate comfortable and your energy bills low? Look no further than Cielo’s Smart HVAC blog.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about smart home climate technology, maintaining perfect home temperature, as well as maintenance tips and troubleshooting solutions for common HVAC problems. Cielo is a manufacturer of smart thermostats and AC controllers.

6. Just Venting, Goodway’s Blog

Best HVAC Blogs: Goodway

Goodway Technologies Corporation is an international HVAC equipment manufacturer. They chose the name Just Venting for their blog because, in their words, “We want to air our thoughts and engage with you by sharing news and information about current trends in our HVAC industry.”

The blog targets HVAC professionals at every business level and experience level. Expect to read about a variety of industry topics, including technological and social.

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7. Energy Vanguard Blog

HVAC Blogs: Energy Vanguard

The Energy Vanguard blog is all about helping consumers create more efficient homes. These include building science, energy efficiency, house audits, and heating and air conditioning. While it’s mostly aimed right at your customers, it provides helpful information on how to create more energy-efficient spaces.

Featured post: The Top 10 Articles in the Energy Vanguard Blog in 2019.

8. HVAC Classes

22 Best HVAC Blogs: HVAC Classes

HVAC Classes connects aspiring HVAC professionals with training courses, online classes, top instructors, apprenticeships, and schools.

Their blog focuses on informing readers about the various courses, certifications, and instructors available while revealing the latest technology and HVAC apps.

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Looking for plumbing blogs?

For the HVAC business owners that do both.


9. Arista Blog

HVAC Blogs: Arista Blog

Arista is one of the top luxury residential and commercial HVAC companies in the NYC Metro Area. The Arista blog previously earned a top 100 HVAC blog medal—and it’s easy to see why.

They post a ton of regular blog posts that help homeowners and building and property managers with HVAC service. Use their blog as a model for how to connect with your audience and see what part of HVAC they struggle with.

10. Central Heating and Air Conditioning Blog

Central Heating and Air Conditioning Blog: Best HVAC Blogs

The Central Heating and Air Conditioning blog covers central air conditioning, cooling tips, and energy savings.

It’s an excellent resource if you’re just starting out in the HVAC business. It also helps identify the types of problems homeowners (your customers) typically face with central heating and air conditioning. Knowing their problems will help you write better, more relevant content for your own blog, plus it’ll help you serve them better.

Best HVAC news websites

11. HVAC Insider

Best HVAC Blogs: HVAC Insider

HVAC Insider offers a print and online publication to inform readers about trends that may impact their business, help them grow, and maintain professionalism. You can filter the news content by region to find the exact HVAC content you want, right from your area.

12. Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration News (ACHR News)

HVAC Blogs: Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration News (ACHR News)

ACHR News offers a print and online publication for HVAC contractors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors — this website is really dedicated to the pros. You’ll find various topics for businesses at different business stages, including how to deal with HVAC equipment price hikes and selling value to HVAC customers.

13. North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Magazine

HVAC blogs: NATE Magazine

NATE is the largest non-profit certifier for HVACR technicians in the United States. Passing a Nate test tells customers that service and installation technicians are competent at what they do.

NATE has a magazine (print and online) and a newsletter you can subscribe to. Read them both for the latest HVAC news and updates on trade shows and events.

14. Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries (IHACI), Indoor Comfort News

Best HVAC Blogs: IHACI

IHACI is a non-profit business for HVAC technicians that provides a publication called Indoor Comfort News. You can check it out online, or if you prefer to read it the traditional way, you can have it sent via mail.

In it you’ll find case studies, HVAC tech profiles, details on upcoming events, new products, market and technological trends, and other news.

Top HVAC forums

15. r/HVAC

HVAC Blogs: HVAC Subreddit

This HVAC subreddit is a great place to learn, ask questions, and share your own expertise. Members ask anything from business expansion advice to HVAC best practices. Sometimes members will just post photos of cool equipment they’re working with.

If you’re looking for an online HVAC community to engage with without judgment, r/HVAC might be the perfect place for you.

16. HVAC Pro Forums

HVAC Pro Forums: HVAC Blogs

HVAC Pro Forums is an interactive online community for HVAC professionals only. In their words, “Do-it-yourselfers and Homeowners are encouraged to seek information elsewhere.” So, you know that this space is reserved for professionals like yourself.

You can register to access the technical forums. Check out this full list of forum topics, including Residential, Commercial, Refrigeration, and Tools and Test Equipment.

17. GoTime Success Group

Best HVAC Blogs: GoTime Success Group

GoTime Success Group provides consulting, coaching, in-person technical training in their lab or classroom, and live online interaction to empower HVAC professionals to succeed long-term.

On the site, you can also find podcast episodes, webinars, and more.

18. HVAC-Talk

HVAC-Talk: Best HVAC Blogs

HVAC-Talk consists of 150,000 members who discuss all-things HVAC. To participate, you’ll have to register to get full access to the forum. Certain closed areas will require Pro member status, which is free and depends on meeting specific criteria such as having posted on the forum 15 times.

19. HVAC Site: Professional HVAC Contractors Forum

HVAC Site: Professional HVAC Contractors Forum

The HVAC Site forum started in early 2009 and covers a handful of topics, including:

  • Trade Talk topics such as Residential, Commercial, and HVAC Codes and HVAC Certifications
  • HVAC Tools, Products, and Safety
  • Business discussions around marketing and sales
  • Classifieds where you can buy and sell

Other helpful HVAC resources

Here are a few other resources that’ll help you stay informed about the HVAC industry:

10. HVAC Techs

Best HVAC Blogs and Resources: HVAC Techs

When you follow this Instagram account, you’re joining a community with 17,300+ members. You’ll find plenty of discussion happening in the comments to take part in. Follow HVAC Techs on Instagram to stay connected on social media.


HVACR Videos: Best HVAC Resources

Videos are a useful way to help you learn about and stay updated on the ever-evolving HVAC industry. Chris, an HVAC professional, uses his YouTube Channel to keep his audience updated on industry trends and post HVAC-related videos, including ones about fixing real on-job problems.

22. HVAC School: For Techs by Techs

HVAC School: For Techs by Techs

HVAC School is home to a vast library of online resources, from quizzes and videos to a podcast and tech tips. They also have a YouTube channel with more than 121,000 subscribers.

23. Jobber Entrepreneurship Group

Jobber Entrepreneurship: Best HVAC Resources

The Jobber Entrepreneurship Group is a Facebook group of 1,800+ entrepreneurs in the home-service space who understand what you’re building. Share advice, ask questions, observe, learn new things about the HVAC industry, and generally feel supported every step of the way.

The group is open to anyone working in the field service industry and you can expect to see new posts and discussions from fellow entrepreneurs daily.

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