As an HVAC professional, you rely on the right information and HVAC tools to run an efficient HVAC business. You’re also often out in the field helping customers, so having access to this information wherever you are is crucial.

Today, there are enough HVAC apps on the market to make your life easier, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish.

Here’s a list of 16 of the best HVAC apps, including HVAC business, troubleshooting, load calculation, and marketing apps that can help you work smarter, not harder.

HVAC business apps

HVAC business apps help you run a smooth HVAC operation and include accounting, fleet management, business software, and parts management.

1. HVAC Job Toolkit


Mobile-friendly online desktop tool – Free

One of the easiest ways to level-up your HVAC business is to use a CRM (client relationship manager) to organize your client information, create new jobs, and keep track of estimates and invoices.

Our HVAC estimate template makes it easy to send professional-looking estimates with just a few clicks.

Use this free tool to:

  • Impress your clients and win more jobs
  • Create professional estimates that include your company name, branding, and terms
  • List detailed line items and costs
  • Track sent estimates and convert to HVAC invoices

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2. Jobber: HVAC business software

HVAC App: Jobber for HVAC Scheduling and Dispatching
iOS, Android, and desktop

If you’re serious about growth, Jobber’s HVAC business software has the features you need to run a better and more profitable HVAC business. It includes dispatching, job tracking, customer service and credit card processing.

Jobber was voted #1 most popular and affordable field-service software for a reason. You can try Jobber for free to see for yourself.

With Jobber, you can:

  • Dispatch your techs to the right place with a crystal clear work orders
  • Give clients access to an online portal to approve quotes and pay invoices
  • Track every job, every step of the way—warranties and all—from one app
  • Store and search for client history
  • Use Jobber’s credit card processing to easily take credit card payments in-person, online, or automatically.
  • Give clients access to an online portal to approve quotes and pay invoices
  • Offer consumer financing to win more jobs, close bigger deals, and make it easier to upsell
  • Optimize and map driving routes
  • Integrate with other HVAC apps such as your accounting software

“Everything is faster now that we have Jobber. I don’t have to be on the phone as much as I was before or on top of people. You see everything right there, and it’s clean and easy to use. I love that.” – Luisa Vesga, Owner, Vmech Mechanical

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3. Gemaire HVAC Contractor Assist: HVAC support

Best HVAC Apps: Gremaire
Available on iOS and Android

Gemaire is one of the biggest independent distributors of HVAC equipment. Their app provides HVAC technicians with HVAC products for purchase, product information, and tools they can use in the field.

You get access to a duct calculator to calculate duct size, installation guides, spec sheets, and wiring diagrams for any Germaine products.

You can also search for HVAC equipment, view order status, verify warranty registrations, and check real-time stock availability at Germaire branches.

4. Fleetsharp: fleet management and mileage tracking

HVAC app: Fleetsharp for fleet management
iOS and Android

Say goodbye to inefficient routes and high fuel costs. Use a fleet management app such as FleetSharp to reduce fuel costs by mapping out more efficient routes and impressing customers by responding to emergency HVAC calls faster.

Bonus: When you use Jobber, you can connect your FleetSharp account to optimize your operations.

Fleetsharp uses GPS to track:

  • Your crew’s vehicle activity during the day
  • Vehicle location at any specific time
  • Driver behavior, e.g., excessive idling
  • Mileage and fuel levels
  • Vehicle maintenance alerts

5. QuickBooks Online: accounting software for HVAC professionals

HVAC Apps: Quickbooks Online
iOS, Android, and desktop

Accounting is a crucial part of running any business. Staying on top of your finances helps you understand how your business is performing and prepares you for tax season. That’s why you need QuickBooks Online.

Use QuickBooks to manage your invoices, expenses, income, reports, and payroll from a desktop, phone, or tablet. You can also integrate QuickBooks with HVAC software like Jobber and other apps to stay efficient.

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HVAC troubleshooting apps

Plenty can go wrong while out in the field. Here are three HVAC troubleshooting apps to keep handy.

6. HyTools Calculator: hydronic calculator app

Best HVAC apps: HyTools calculator: Hydronic Calculator App
Available on iOS and Android

Download the HyTools hydronic calculator to optimize your systems and perform hydronic calculations, including:

  • flow – Kv/Cv – pressure drop
  • power – flow – temperature difference
  • flow – valve setting – pressure drop

HyTools also offers features like unit conversion, valve and pipe sizing, and radiator power estimation.

7. HVACR fault finder: compressor troubleshooting

HVAC apps: HVACR Fault Finder
Available on iOS and Android

HVACR fault finder assists with on-site compressor troubleshooting for refrigerators and air conditioners. Use the app to extract fault history information to identify what’s causing a system issue.

The app also helps you identify specific codes, which gives you access to troubleshooting guides. These guides include tips and interactive flow charts to help you troubleshoot. You can also access engineering guides, product manuals, and videos.

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8. Ref Tools: air conditioning and refrigeration tools

Best HVAC Tools: Ref Tools
Available on iOS and Android

Ref Tools, formerly known as Refrigerations Slider, provides useful air conditioning and refrigeration tools, including:

  • Refrigeration slider to calculate pressure/temperature ratios
  • Global Warming Potential Tool (GWP) to find environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • Troubleshooter to help identify refrigerator system problems
  • Access to a comprehensive list of Danfoss spare parts
  • Magnetic tools to repair valve coils
  • Product Finder to find complete product-specific data like specifications and documents
  • Podcasts to educate yourself and improve your HVAC game

HVAC load calculation apps

Load calculation helps determine what size HVAC unit to install. The load typically needs to balance heating and cooling.

9. HVAC Load Plus: HVAC load calculation app

HVAC Apps: HVAC Load Plus
Available on iOS

User HVAC Load Plus to calculate heating and cooling block loads for commercial and residential buildings. Features include:

  • A weather database for 100+ cities
  • Data for different construction types
  • Access to complete heating and cooling reports for various load types
  • Equipment locations services (ELS)

The ELS lets you store information about your HVAC products in a remote server you can share with other employees.

10. HVAC Check and Charge: refrigerant charge calculator

16 Best HVAC Apps: HVACR Check and Charge
Available on iOS and Android

HVAC Check and Charge is a basic refrigerant charge calculator. According to the company, Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc, you can use it to calculate the correct refrigerant charge for the following refrigerants: R-22, R-410A, R-32, R-407C, R-134a, R-452B, R-454B, R-438A, R-422B, R-427A, R-421A, R-404A, R-290, R-449A, R-448A, and R-407A.

To use this HVAC app, open it up, choose between Superheat, Subcooling, or Airflow and input the temperature and environmental loads. The app does the rest.

11. HVAC Duct Sizer: Duct sizing app

Best HVAC Apps: HVAC Duct Sizer
Available on iOS and Android

HVAC duct sizer lets you calculate the size of a range of ducts by airflow and dimension. For size by airflow, the app produces height and width dimensions and velocity and friction loss. For size by dimension, the app lets you analyze the existing duct system to determine duct friction loss.

HVAC marketing apps

Here are three HVAC marketing apps that will help you get clients and grow your client relationships.

12. Mailchimp: Email marketing software

Best HVAC Apps - Mailchimp for email marketing
iOS and Android

Email marketing is highly targeted and has one of the best returns.

Email marketing software like Mailchimp lets you send targeted emails to large groups, build different campaigns, and group contacts together based on buying behaviors.

The user-friendly design and pre-built templates will help you get started quickly, even if you have zero prior experience.

Pro Tip: Sync all your existing HVAC customers without manual input by connecting Mailchimp and Jobber.

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13. NiceJob: reputation management software

Best HVAC Apps: NiceJob and Jobber Review Management integration

Reviews are crucial for any home service business, with customers viewing them to help decide what business to use. But managing them can be overwhelming.

Reputation management software lets you track what customers are saying online. NiceJob can help you manage these reviews across all channels.

NiceJob gathers reviews by automatically sending clients review requests when a job is complete. If customers are slow to review, NiceJob will remind them. The platform also lets you convert these reviews into stories (with photos) and automatically posts them to social media.

Pro Tip: Connect NiceJob with Jobber to sync your existing clients and automate even more of your workflow.

14. Canva: DIY HVAC design app

HVAC Apps: Canva for Graphic Design
iOS and Android

Canva is a user-friendly DIY design tool that helps you create designs for your marketing materials, including business cards, flyers, social media images, email campaigns, and other door-to-door campaigns.

Canva offers templates and free HVAC stock photos you can use for your HVAC marketing.

HVAC learning apps

As an HVAC professional, your education never stops. There’s always more to learn so you can become a better HVAC professional and run a smarter, more efficient home service business.

Here are two apps that will help:

(Disclaimer: Jobber Academy isn’t technically an app, but it’s worth mentioning as it is a valuable online resource you can access on mobile to start and grow your HVAC business)

15. HVAC School: For Techs by Techs is a free community that compiles and shares the most relevant HVAC/R training material. Complete with tips, quizzes, videos, other resources, this is the perfect resource for any HVAC tech interested in professional growth. Contributors come from all over the US and offer a variety of advice for HVAC pros. Grab their iOS and Android app here.

16. Jobber Academy gathers expert advice, success stories, and tools for field service professionals like HVAC experts. Jobber Academy’s goal is to help HVAC professionals like you run a better business by publishing informative and highly actionable content daily. If you want the latest and greatest Jobber Academy posts delivered straight to your inbox every Sunday, subscribe to the Jobber Academy Newsletter.

Start using the right apps for your HVAC business today

There are many HVAC apps to choose from, but don’t download them all right away.

Choose the apps that address any gaps in your business and start slowly adding them to your digital toolbox.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Jobber Academy in June 2020. It was last updated in March 2021 for accuracy, and to meet industry standards.