Being an HVAC technician is tough work. You’re reliant on the right information and the right tools to help you run a more successful and efficient HVAC business. On top of that, you’re often on the road so you need everything accessible at your fingertips.

That’s where HVAC business apps come in.

From job scheduling software to weather apps, we’ve put together this list of the best HVAC apps every HVAC business owner, operator, and technician needs to ensure the business runs smoothly.

Let’s jump in!

Best HVAC apps for running and marketing your business

1. Mailchimp: Email Marketing Software

Best HVAC Apps - Mailchimp for email marketing

iOS, Android, and desktop. Plans starting at $9.99/month

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels for your business and it’s a channel you should capitalize on if you haven’t already.

With Mailchimp, you can manage all of your email marketing in one place. Plus, the user-friendly design and pre-built templates help you get started, even if you’re new to all of this.

When you connect Mailchimp and Jobber, you can also sync all your existing HVAC customers into the platform – no manual labor necessary.

2. NiceJob: Reputation Management Software

Best HVAC Apps: NiceJob and Jobber Review Management integration

Reviews are crucial for your customer-focused home service business but managing them can be overwhelming. Reputation management software helps you keep track of what customers are saying about your business on social media and other websites.

Prospects will often go to these review platforms to see what other clients have said about you. NiceJob can help you manage all of these reviews, on all of these channels.

NiceJob gathers reviews by automatically sending clients review requests when a job is complete. If customers are slow to review, NiceJob will remind them. The platform also lets you convert these reviews into stories (with photos) and then automatically posts them to social media.

Plus, connect NiceJob with Jobber to sync your existing clients and automate your workflow even more, giving you time back.

3. HVAC buddy: Refrigerant Charging and Diagnostic App

Best HVAC Apps: HVAC Buddy

Available on iOS and Android

Figuring out the right refrigerant charge is key for HVAC techs on the job. The HVAC buddy app makes this easy and efficient. Use the app to understand the appropriate refrigerant charge to use.

BONUS: It doesn’t stop there. HVAC Buddy also has Load Calc, Duct Calc, Pressure Temperature, and Psychrometric apps to add to your HVAC app toolbox.

4. HyTools Calculator: Hydronic Calculator App

Best HVAC apps: HyTools calculator: Hydronic Calculator App

Available on iOS and Android

Download the HyTools Hydronic calculator app to help you optimize your workflow and calculate:

  • flow – Kv/Cv – pressure drop
  • power – flow – temperature difference
  • flow – valve setting – pressure drop

Plus, HyTools Hydronic calculator offers a handful of other helpful features.


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5. QuickBooks Online: Accounting for HVAC professionals

HVAC Apps: Quickbooks Online

iOS, Android, and desktop, starting at $15/month

Accounting is a crucial part of running a successful business. Staying on top of your finances tells you how your business is performing and it helps get you prepared for tax season.

That’s why you need QuickBooks Online accounting software.

Use QuickBooks to manage your invoices, expenses, income, reports, and payroll information from a desktop, phone, or tablet. And, integrate it with your favorite apps like Jobber so you stay efficient.

6. Jobber: HVAC Management Software

HVAC App: Jobber for HVAC Scheduling and Dispatching

iOS, Android, and desktop, starting at $29/month

Jobber is powerful scheduling software that helps teams dispatch estimates, installs, and repairs—and track it all in one place.

We might be biased for putting this on the list, but Jobber was voted #1 most popular and affordable field-service software for a reason! You can try it for free to see for yourself.

Jobber lets you:

  • Accept and manage online bookings
  • Use a drag-and-drop calendar to schedule jobs and assign them to crews
  • Dispatch your team
  • Store and search for client history
  • Create job and equipment checklists to share with your crews
  • Create professional-looking invoices in a flash
  • Give clients access to an online portal to approve quotes and pay invoices online
  • Track who still owes you money
  • Collect payments in-person at the job site, online, or automatically with credit card processing
  • Optimize and map your driving routes
  • Integrate with other apps such as your accounting software

Everything is faster now that we have Jobber. I don’t have to be on the phone as much as I was before or on top of people. You see everything right there and it’s clean and easy to use. I love that.”

– Luisa Vesga, Owner, Vmech Mechanical

7. HVAC Dictionary: HVAC Reference Guide App

HVAC app for HVAC technicians: Dictionary

Available in the Google Play Store

Use the HVAC dictionary to look up 3000+ heating, ventilation, and air conditioning terms with detailed definitions for each.

This app is perfect for HVAC techs who are just starting out, students, and experienced pros — it’s always good to brush up on your knowledge!

8. The Weather Channel: Local Weather Forecast News App

Weather Channel App for HVAC Technicians

iOS and Android, free

Use the Weather Channel app to anticipate when your customers will turn on their AC or their heat for the first time and when they might need to discover that they need a repair.

Plus, because you’re on the road so much, you can use the app to plan efficient routes, figure out the best time to leave, and schedule your jobs more effectively. If there’s heavy rain or a snowstorm, you’ll know in advance and get to your next job on time.

8. Fleetsharp: Fleet Management and Mileage Tracking Software

HVAC app: Fleetsharp for fleet management

iOS and Android

Say goodbye to inefficient routes and high fuel costs. Use fleet management apps such as FleetSharp to work smarter: reduce fuel costs by mapping out more efficient routes and impress customers by responding to emergency HVAC calls faster.

BONUS: When you use Jobber, you can connect your FleetSharp account to optimize your operations.

Fleetsharp makes use of GPS tracking and can track:

  • Your crew’s vehicle activity during the day
  • Vehicle location at any specific time
  • Driver behavior, e.g., excessive idling
  • Mileage and fuel levels
  • Vehicle maintenance alerts

9. Canva: Graphic Design Platform

HVAC Apps: Canva for Graphic Design

iOS and Android, free

Canva is a user-friendly design tool to help you create your own flyers, business cards, and social media images.

Canva offers templates so you can use anything you create in your HVAC marketing: email marketing, social media posts, business cards, stickers, or door-to-door campaigns using flyers.

Best HVAC Resources for Learning and Development

As an HVAC professional, your education doesn’t stop. Whether you’re on day 1 of the job or day 10,000, there’s always more to learn so you can become a better HVAC professional and run a smarter, more efficient home service business.

Here are some of the learning and development resources we think HVAC pros can get lots out of.

r/HVAC: This HVAC subreddit is a great place to learn, ask questions, and share your own expertise. Members ask anything from business expansion advice to HVAC best practices. Sometimes members will just post photos of cool equipment. You can create your own Reddit account for free.

HVAC School: For Techs by Techs: This free, online community compiles and shares the most applicable HVAC/R training material out there. Complete with tips, quizzes, videos, other resources, and more, this is the perfect resource for any HVAC tech interested in professional growth. Contributors come from all over the US and offer a variety of advice for HVAC pros.

HVACR VIDEOS: Videos are a great way to learn about what’s changed in this constantly evolving industry. New technology is coming out constantly and Chris of HVACR Videos youtube channel is keeping up with the latest changes for you. With almost 8 million subscribers, he must be doing something right!

Jobber Academy: We had to suggest this one! Jobber Academy gathers expert advice, success stories, and tools for field service professionals like HVAC experts. Updated with new articles daily, the goal of Jobber Academy is to help HVAC professionals like you run a better business.

Jobber Academy Newsletter: If you want the latest and greatest Jobber Academy posts delivered straight to your inbox every Sunday, subscribe to the Jobber Academy Newsletter.

Start using the right HVAC apps for your business today

There are a ton of HVAC apps to choose from but don’t worry about downloading all of them today.

Choose the apps that address any gaps in your business and start slowly add them to your digital toolbox.

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