Image of Phil Sarros and Jobber gift bags

If you’re looking for the best gifts for the entrepreneurs in your life, we’ve got you covered.

Home service professionals don’t perform your typical 9-5s: We’ve got The Office Wiz running a command center as they coordinate supplies, schedules, and customer inquiries.

Mileage Masters drive from job to job, helping out homeowners and property managers who need things cleaned, fixed, installed, and organized.

And then there’s The Boss: fearless entrepreneurs hustling to secure jobs, and ensure their team members, customers, and community are taken care of.

Do you have one of these specialized folks in your life? Make them feel appreciated with a gift that helps them power through their unique day-to-day. We’ll start you off with a few ideas below!

Home service friends, feel free to casually forward this guide to your team, friends, and family.

Gifts for The Office Wiz ?

Would the world still turn without our operations managers and admins holding it all together? Heck, no! Cheers to folks who orchestrate all the important details, point us and our customers in the right direction and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses: Jobber Gift Guide

Headaches and eye strain be-gone! Your office wiz stares deep into computer screens all day scheduling, coordinating, and putting out fires, so give them the gift of taking away the annoying blue light that tires their eyes.

Standing Desk

Standing Desk: Jobber Gift Guide

They say variety is the spice of life, and that applies to the level at which you work on your computer. Sitting is the obvious choice, but how about gifting the option to stand?

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Desk Buddy

Desk Buddy: Home Service Gift Guide by Jobber

It’s like a carnival at your desk! This wacky wavy mini tube inflatable will give some comic relief to the office wiz of your business.

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Gifts for The Milage Master ?

Always on the go, field staff and technicians are on the job, meeting the customers, and doing the hands-on work. When their car or truck doubles as their office space, here are a few gifts that will make working on the job a bit easier.

Phone/Tablet Vehicle-Mount

image of Phone/tablet mount - home service gift guide

Hands-free and easy to use—what could be better? As the mileage master optimizes their route for their next job, answers a call on the road, or powers up with an afternoon snack this simple but genius gift will make their life easier!

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Yeti Mug

Yeti mug: Jobber gift guide

Take your pick — the Yeti mug keeps your cold beverages cold and your hot beverages hot all day long. Talk about the perfect all seasons gift!

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Truck Freshener

image of Sage Truck Diffuser: home service gift guide

We all know that working out in the field means doing the dirty work. This diffuser will ensure that their truck/office space smells a little bit better than the job site.

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Gifts for The Boss ?

It ain’t easy being the boss! Entrepreneurs can’t always turn it off and take a break, so do your boss a favor and remind them to recharge this holiday season. Follow that up with one of the gifts below so they’re ready to take on 2021 after they’ve invested in a little R&R.

Notebook with Company Logo

image of notebook with company logo - home service gift guide

You know what they say—always be branded. This custom notebook will ensure the boss of the company is always looking professional with clients.

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Image of Coffee Bag - Home Service Gift Guide - Gifts for Bosses

Help fuel the hustle that never stops with a classic cuppa joe. This specialty grade coffee will be sure to kick start their early mornings, turn around the odd afternoon slump, and power that extra push when things get crazy at any hour of the day.

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Memory Foam Pillow

Image of memory foam pillow - home service gift guide - gifts for bosses

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep. With long work hours and stressful days, this pillow will ensure the boss is always on their A game.

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The Gift of Community

Join the Jobber Entrepreneurship Group on Facebook to share your strategies and plans heading into the new year, and to hear from other entrepreneurs who understand what you’re building.