Starting a handyman business

Finding your feet in the handyman industry doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

Whether you’re passionate about repairing peoples’ homes, or you’re a budding entrepreneur ready to build a six-figure business, we’ve got all the essential information to help you start and grow a successful handyman business.

Meet our industry expert: Ryaan Tuttle

Ryaan Tuttle is the owner of Best Handyman Boston and RJT Carpentry and Tile. He has opened two handyman businesses in Boston, MA., and is continuing to scale.

Ryaan has been a home remodeling business owner for over 15 years, with special expertise in carpentry.

As a seasoned tradesmen and businessman with a knack for tech, Ryaan has built an automated business model. He’s here to walk you through the handyman industry and how to excel in it.
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