Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Estimate Template


Use this free window cleaning and pressure washing estimate template to professionally present your services and your prices. The template is easily customizable so you can impress clients, stand out from the competition, and win more bids.

If you run a window cleaning or pressure washing business, learning how to create professional estimates is non-negotiable.

That’s because estimates, also known as quotes or bids, help you do two things that practically guarantee business growth:

  1. Win more jobs. You’ll look more professional when you can clearly show customers what they are paying for and they’ll get when they choose you.
  2. Get paid faster. If your clients have seen and approved the quote before you start the job, they’ll be less likely to have questions about the invoice, and more likely to pay on time.

So whether you want to get more jobs, or get paid faster for those jobs, solid estimates are key.

We’ll show you how to get there with a free pressure washing estimate template and a simple, 3-step process. But before we get into the process, let’s dive into what an estimate template is.

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What is a window cleaning and pressure washing estimate template?

A window cleaning or pressure washing estimate template is a standardized form that shows your prospects the cost and pricing breakdown of their cleaning project before they hire you. The template is one standard page that provides blank fields for the services your company will provide, your client’s information, how much each service will cost, additional service notes, and important terms and conditions.

How to estimate pressure washing and window cleaning jobs

Step 1: Price the Job

The most important information on the estimate is the price of the job. In order to price window cleaning and price pressure washing jobs, you’ll need to collect the following information:

  • Which services the client wants
  • The type of property
  • The size of the property (square footage and/or number of windows)
  • The condition of the property  (accessibility, safety, damage, etc.)
  • The client’s address and preferred contact information

There are a few ways to gather this info:

1. In person: Going in person is the most time consuming, but you’ll be able to inspect every aspect of the job, attach photos and detailed notes, and include upsell opportunities (for example, if you notice their gutters need cleaning, you can mention that as an add-on service).

2. Google Street View: To save time, Dave Moerman, owner of Revive Washing, uses Google Street View to get an idea of the size, layout, and accessibility. While he says this works well 70% of the time, in 30% of cases he still needs to send a rep out.

3. Online Booking Software: The most scalable and accurate way to create estimates without going in person is using online booking software. This lets you embed a form directly on your website that collects all the information you need to bid window cleaning or pressure washing jobs, including service type, location, size of property, number of windows, etc.

When a prospective client fills in an online booking form, you’ll get a notification and can review this information from your computer or mobile and create an estimate right away. Online forms are convenient for both you and your clients, and you’ll be able to bid more with less effort.

Step 2: Create the estimate

Now that you have the information you need to price the job, you need to create the actual quote or estimate.

Free quote template. This cost estimate tool can be customized to your business's company name and other details.

Your estimate must include:

  • Your company name and logo
  • Your company contact information and address
  • Your client’s name, contact information, property address, and billing address
  • Estimate title
  • Estimate line items, quantity of units used, price per unit, and total price
  • Estimated total before tax and discounts
  • Tax amount
  • Optional discounts
  • Final estimate total
  • Additional notes for the client
  • Before photos and notes attached to the estimate

That may seem like a lot of information, but if it’s well-formatted, it will appear clean, precise, and professional. That’s why using an estimate template is key.

With an estimate template, all you need to do is add your company information, your client’s information, your line items, and the total price.

Everything is pre-formatted in a way that is easy to understand for you and, more importantly, for your prospective clients.


Make your estimates even better with estimate software:

An estimate template is a huge step up from writing bids by hand.

But you can make your life even easier and really impress clients by automating your bidding process with field service estimate software.

In a nutshell, estimating software lets you:

  • Automatically create, edit, and send estimates from desktop or a mobile app
  • Save client information, making recurring jobs a breeze
  • Attach photos and detailed notes to the estimate
  • Automatically calculate discounts, taxes, and line item totals
  • Email or text quotes to clients to get their approval
  • Track historical visits so you can see what work you’ve already done
  • Automatically convert estimates to jobs and invoices for fast and accurate billing

Estimate software levels up your entire bidding process. Even if you’re a one-person operation, it will help you look like your a large, organized business that takes their work and their clients seriously.

Estimate software for window cleaning and pressure washing companies:

There are two estimating softwares that are leaders in the window cleaning and pressure washing industries:

1. Jobber:

Jobber’s field service software and mobile app lets you and your crew create professional quotes from any device, attach photos, and email or text it right to the client.

In addition to quotes, Jobber offers a whole range of features to organize and run your entire business, including a CRM, scheduling software, and invoicing and payment options.

“We have been using Jobber for a little over a year now and it has really changed the way we do business,” says Dave. “We are more organized with our quoting and we now have a very efficient way to schedule our crews. Our clients also love the software because they are able to approve their quotes directly from their inbox. The days of sticking post-it notes all around your truck are long gone.”

Here’s what creating a quote in Jobber looks like:


2. Responsibid:

Responsibid is an online sales estimator that plugs into your company’s website. It lets prospective clients select their services, enter their property information, and get emailed an instant bid.

“It’s a really simple and straightforward process,” says Dave. “It’s helped make our process more simple and it make homeowners’ lives a lot easier because they can get a quote in about 2 minutes right form our website. It’s like a sales center that’s open 24/7.”

If you’re just starting out, Jobber offers every feature you need to get your business up and running. Once you’re ready to scale your sales process, Responsibid integrates seamlessly with Jobber, so you can start converting more website leads into customers, and closing more deals.

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Step 3: Send the Estimate and Schedule Follow-Up

Now that you’ve got your estimate all ready, it’s time to deliver it to the client. If you’re using an online template, you can either print and hand-deliver it, or save it as a PDF and email it to your client.

Whether you’ve delivered or emailed your quote, you’ll want to make sure you schedule time in your calendar to follow up on the quote via phone or email.

If you forget this step, you’re leaving money on the table. Many clients simply forget to reply, or are too shy to call and ask a question. Always follow up within 1-2 days of sending the quote to see if you can provide any additional information to seal the deal.

Jobber sends automatic quote follow-ups to clients you haven’t heard back from. That’s one less thing for you to worry about, and it’ll feel like your proposals are closing themselves.

Quote Follow-Up software
A quote follow-up text message with a one-click link to approve the quote in Jobber's client hub.

Last Words on Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Estimates

Creating and sending professional estimates may seem tedious, but in reality, it’s a 2-minute process that will help you win more bids, increase your business’ perceived value, and help you get paid faster for every single job.

If you really want to nail it, here are a few final words of advice for creating your best estimates ever:

  • Don’t overwhelm prospects with unnecessary details. Provide enough information so that they feel confident in your services and know exactly what they’ll be paying for.
  • Estimates are a great place to upsell additional services. For example, if the client has requested a deck cleaning, and you notice their driveway could use a wash as well, add it as a new line item with your price. The client may not have even realized that was a service you offered. Even if they say no, they’ll know how much it costs and may request the service later.
  • Don’t stress out over getting the exact price right on the estimate. “We don’t freak out if we’re a bit over or under,” says Dave. “We just want to get the job booked and have a great experience with the customer so they can do business with us again. That’s the goal of the first appointment.”


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