Window Cleaning Invoice Template

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Use this free invoice template to impress your clients and get paid faster for your window cleaning services.

A good window cleaning invoice template will save you loads of time, make you look more professional, and help you get paid faster. It can also save you from massive headaches at tax time by keeping your bookkeeping in order without having to pay an accountant.

Hand-written invoices can lead to inconsistencies and oversights that bleed out your bottom line.

If you’re still spending your nights and weekends writing out invoices and worrying if you’ve charged the right amount to the right person, you need a reliable invoice template.

Here’s how to make and send professional, detailed window cleaning invoices in under 5 minutes (really!), so you can get paid faster after every job:

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What is a window cleaning invoice template?

An invoice template is a standardized form that you can use to bill your clients after you complete a window cleaning job. It’s one standard page that provides blank fields for the services your company provided, how much is due, when the payment is due, and how your client can pay.

image of an invoice template for home service business owners

Invoices are used to:

  • Keep a detailed record of transactions and services
  • Notify a client that payment is due
  • Track upcoming payments and avoid late payments
  • Record information needed for taxes and/or legal purposes
  • Communicate with clients (for example, payment methods, discounts, or additional services you offer)
  • Impress clients so they refer you and keep requesting work

This template includes blank fields for your:

• Company name
• Company contact information and address
Invoice number
• Client’s name, contact information, and address
• Invoice line items, quantity of units used, price per unit, and total price
• Invoice total before tax and discounts
• Tax amount
• Optional special discounts
• Final invoice total
• Additional notes for the client


Find out all the details that need to be included on an invoice here.

Why do you need a window cleaning invoice template?

A good invoice template will save you the time, headache, and quite frankly the risk of writing invoices by hand. Here’s how:

You’ll look more professional

Handing your clients a hand-written invoice can be confusing and make you appear unprofessional.

A clean, branded invoice will be easy to read and show your clients that you’re no ‘bucket bob.’ You pay attention to detail and you care about customer service.

Pro Tip: If you put your logo on your invoice, you’re 3 times more likely to get paid! You can easily add your company logo, brand colors, and other customization using invoice software.

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You’ll get paid faster

If your client can’t clearly understand the line items or payment terms, they may take more time to pay.

A professional, detailed window cleaning invoice makes it obvious what your clients  are paying for, how to pay you, and when. Instead of stalling by asking questions, clients can simply pay right away.

Want to get paid even faster? Studies show that service providers who accept online payments get paid 2-3x faster than using cheque or cash.

You’ll get more recurring jobs

Recurring jobs are the lifeblood of a profitable window cleaning business. If you want customers to stay with you, you need to stay organized and stay consistent. All it takes is one accidental overcharge to lose a customer for good.

If you’re constantly using a different structure or line item names, it will be impossible to keep track of what you did during each visit or how much you charged them. Invoice templates let you standardize line items and prices for every customer.

You’ll save buckets of time

We’ve spoken with window cleaners who used to spend their nights, weekends, and entire afternoons writing up invoices, stuffing envelopes, and duplicating entry from one spreadsheet to another.

With an invoice template, you can pre-load line items and calculate prices. Save even more time with invoice software designed for window cleaners that allows you to save line items, automatically apply discounts and taxes, and email the invoice straight from your phone.

Digital vs. Carbon Copy Window Cleaning Invoices

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a carbon copy of your invoices.

Carbon copies are an old-school and expensive technology. Not only do you have to pay a specialty printing shop to create them, you also need to have physical storage space to keep them all organized. In case you lose or damage your files, you could also face tax penalties.

Carbon copies aren’t good for customer service, either. Customers are more likely to lose or misplace them, which means you’ll get paid late.

A digital invoice template lets you send digital invoices to your clients by email or text message as soon as the job is complete. Customers will appreciate the convenience and professionalism because it’s one less piece of paper for them to think about.

How to create and send a window cleaning invoice

  1. Download the free window cleaning invoice template above
  2. Add your logo, business name, and contact information
  3. Fill in the client’s name and contact information
  4. Add the invoice issue date, payment due date, and a unique invoice number
  5. Include the date of service and detailed line items for each service provided*
  6. Add any discounts and taxes, and calculate the total amount due
  7. Add your payment terms and payment instructions
  8. When the job is complete, ask your client if they are 100% satisfied
  9. When they say yes, email or deliver your completed invoice template

*Examples of window cleaning line items include: interior and exterior window clean, construction window clean, screens, sills and tracks, etc. 

Read more on how to create an invoice and get paid faster here.

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Use invoice software to make invoicing easier

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Download your free window cleaning invoice template and get started today

Creating a professional window cleaning invoice doesn’t have to be a frustrating or tedious experience. With a ready-made template and digital tools, you can complete the job, send the invoice, and get paid instantly.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to work and get paid.

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