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Free Online Flyer Maker

Tearaway is a free online flyer maker so you can customize and create flyers for your service company.

Choose your font, primary color, add a headline, a description, and your company info. Tearaway takes care of the rest!

There are a ton of different marketing and advertising strategies out there to grow your home service business––but few are as approachable as flyers.

Flyer marketing is low-cost and high-return. When done right, it can help you to bring in new clients and grow your business without eating away at your budget.

Plus, with so many free flyer apps online, you have a lot to work with in terms of designing and executing the right marketing materials to get clients in the door.

Start by using our free tearaway flyer maker to attract new leads to your business faster.



How do I use this flyer generator?

It’s very simple! Visit the Tearaway flyer maker and:

  1. Click to fill in your business name, information, services offered, and even a promo code to attract new clients. We’ll populate the tear-off tabs with all the details for you. No design skills needed!
  2. Next, hit “save and download,” and we’ll send you a PDF copy of your flyer so you can keep it forever. You’ll also be able to download the PDF from the window.
  3. Finish up by printing and posting around town!

Can I print my flyers when I’m done?

Yes. You can save your flyers as PDFs, and email them to yourself. You can also print them right on the spot.

How do I make an online flyer for free?

Outside of Tearaway, there are a lot of options to make your own flyers in-house for free.

You can use programs that are already on your computer like Apple Pages, or Microsoft Word to design flyers.

If you want to invest time in the design of your flyers, then you can use tools like Canva to create colorful posters. Just keep in mind that options like Canva charge a fee for certain images, features, and functionalities.


Distributing your flyers

If you’re designing and printing your flyers in-house, then you have a couple options for distribution.

Once your flyers are printed, you can drive around town and pin your flyers up in community centers, light posts, and bulletin boards.

If you go the post route, you can actually choose what neighborhoods (by ZIP code) you’d like to target. By doing this, you can pick your leads based on demographics and route density, rather than at random.

If you decide to send your flyers through the post, make sure you take a look at some of the properties in the ZIP codes first —especially if your city is growing. There are tons of new development neighborhoods with no residents living there yet.

Next Steps: Organizing your new leads and clients

You can get up to a 3% return on flyers. Consider posting your flyers or mailing them out between 2-3 times to really double down on your efforts and returns.

When you do start to see results, it’s important that you’re ready and able to stay on the ball with your incoming leads.

Keep track of leads

Once you start getting calls, make sure you’re documenting your lead’s information in your CRM.

Don’t forget to ask them how they heard about you, and record their response in your CRM. This will help you track the results of your campaign.

Once you’ve got their contact information in your CRM, you can organize their status as a “lead” using  Jobber’s sales process management feature. You’ll never lose track of all your incoming prospects, and you’ll be able to know which prospects you should act fast to close.

Looking for specific examples of great flyers?

Check out real examples of advertising and marketing flyers from different home service businesses:

image of sales process management in jobber
An example of a lead in your Jobber CRM.

Impress prospects with professional quotes

Once leads are interested, you’ll have to follow-up with a quote to get them hooked. That’s where ‘wowing’ your customers using Jobber’s quoting software comes in.

With it you’ll be able to impress your clients with professional quotes that actually help you win more jobs worth more money.

Jobber’s advanced quoting functionality allows you to build out flexible quotes with product images and portfolio photos. You’ll even be able to offer your prospects optional services packages so you can sell higher price point services easily.

Keep in touch

Once you seal the deal and get a lead to close and become a client, your next task will be retaining them as a client.

Keeping in touch will help you create a sustainable business that keeps you on top of your clients’ minds, whether that’s after they’ve received a quote, or when they’re thinking about getting a seasonal service done.

image of mailchimp integration
Integrate Jobber with Mailchimp to get access to easy client re-engagement postcard marketing and more.

With the right Field Service Management software, like Jobber, you’ll never forget to get back to your leads with automatic quote follow-ups, miss a beat with seasonal service reminders, or forget to include your most loyal clients in promotions.

With easy to run postcard marketing thanks to our Mailchimp postcard marketing integration, you can keep all your leads and clients  in constant contact.   


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