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Invoice templates are essential for maintaining consistency and efficiency. They help you keep your HVAC business organized while informing your clients about what they’re paying for.

Use this template to help you take care of the complicated stuff like formatting, information fields, automated calculations, and business information. Once you download the form and share it with your team, your invoicing will be smooth sailing.


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What is an HVAC invoice template?

An HVAC invoice template is a blank invoice that you use as an outline to create more detailed invoices for service calls. You can find templates as fill-in PDFs, Microsoft Word or Google Docs, Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheets, free invoicing tools, or even software like Jobber.

The point of the template is to have a blank form that you can quickly fill out for every service call you complete. You won’t have to consistently fill out the same information over and over again (like terms, payment periods, or contact information) before handing it over to your client.

How to find the right HVAC invoice template to grow your business

The invoice template should be flexible enough to allow you to send custom, detailed, and professional-looking invoices to your clients. It shouldn’t force you to constantly create a new invoice outline for every single service call you have.

The template should include helpful information for your team as well as the client. That way:

  • Your team has all the account information on hand if they ever need to return to the jobsite.
  • Your team has access to model and serial numbers and parts used because they are included in the invoice.
  • Your client has a solid understanding of the services that were provided and their cost.
  • Your client knows your service warranty and terms and conditions because they are stated on your invoices.
  • Your client knows how to contact you if they ever need your services again, or would like to refer you to their friend.

Why should you use invoice templates?

  1. Consistent format helps you stay organized and account for all necessary information every time.
  2. They save time by allowing you or your techs to simply fill in fields without additional work.
  3. A copy of a clear invoice helps you track and measure your accounts receivable.
  4. They keep your office, team, and technicians organized.
  5. They help you get paid the proper amount on time––especially if your payment terms are on them.
  6. You can send them off to your client using a method that works for them and for you.



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