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As we navigate new challenges and considerations around COVID-19, we’ve developed this hub to support home service businesses. You’ll find government and industry resources: information on financial aid, support, and best practices from other businesses in your field.

We believe the best way to take on this uncharted territory will be through connecting with our community online, so we also encourage you to join the Jobber Entrepreneurship Facebook Group, where you can connect with peers to share advice and strategies.

And if you’re a Jobber customer and have any questions about your account or need help making any adjustments our Customer Success Team is available to help through chat in your account or by calling 1-888-721-1115.

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The Jobber Entrepreneurship Group

Our group members are sharing how they’re communicating with customers and adjusting their processes. For those industries not directly affected, there is advice around planning ahead and keeping customers calm.

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Expert Interviews: Responding to a Crisis

We had entrepreneurs and financial experts join us for live interviews to discuss adjusting business practices in a crisis, financial aid, mental health, leadership, and more.

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