As someone running a house cleaning business or a commercial cleaning business (or both!), generating high-quality leads is one of your biggest priorities. It also happens to be one of the most challenging tasks on your to-do list.

Cleaning services flyers and print advertisements are a popular way to spread the word about your services, but only the best ones will turn prospects into paying clients.

From the type of flyer you use to what you put on it, cleaning service advertisements should be just like the homes and public spaces you service—clean, crisp, and clutter-free.

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Do flyers work for cleaning service businesses?

Cleaning service flyers are like other cleaning advertisements in that they have both direct and indirect benefits to your business.

How effective they end up really depends on how well they are designed and distributed.

But, they have the potential to be one of the most useful tools in your marketing strategy. When done well, cleaning service flyers can level up your cleaning service marketing:

1. Bring in new leads

Cleaning service flyers can directly impact your business by bringing in new leads. These are people who contact you through a door hanger, postcard, or Tearaway flyer.

Pro Tip: Ask your new customers how they heard about you so you can directly connect them to your flyer campaigns. You can keep track of this information in a cleaning service CRM.

Once you get a new lead, you can use Jobber to schedule an appointment and provide them with a detailed quote to hook them in.

You can use commercial cleaning software or residential cleaning software to create professional quotes that include optional service add-ons and packages to help win their business. These packages have been shown to improve quote totals by up to 35%.

FREE TOOL: Try our free cleaning estimate template

When clients need a little push, send them an automatic quote follow-up to move them from a lead to a paying customer.

This type of flow can keep your leads organized, and open up opportunities for you to upsell cleaning service add-ons and other packages that you offer.

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2. Build brand awareness

Not all the homeowners and business owners who see or receive one of your advertisements will need your services.

But, introducing your business, sharing your mission with your community, and offering promotions can help get people familiar with your business and build up a platform.

While some flyer drops might not have an immediate payoff, they can bring in new customers down the road.

For example, you could include a link on the flyers that take clients to a page on your cleaning website where they can sign up for your newsletter. You can then stay in contact with them via email, and remain top-of-mind.

READ MORE: Interested in learning more about how to do this for your cleaning service business? Check out our short guide on email marketing.

3. Showcase specific marketing promotions and campaigns

You can track the success of your flyers by tracking them through your promotions and offerings. Simply offer a discount to clients who mention a certain promo code that you only offer on your print materials.

Not only will this help you to gauge the success of your flyers and postcards, but it will also incentivize potential clients to give you a try.

For example, you can provide a deep cleaning package that takes care of all their cleaning needs (windows, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.) with one job instead of smaller one-off jobs. Just make sure you include a tracking mechanism on your flyers (read on to best practices for more information on this!).

Examples of top-notch house cleaning flyers

Your house cleaning flyer should strike a balance between the perfect amount of information and a visually pleasing design. Including too much information will make it look cluttered and messy while ignoring graphic design will make it bland and easy to ignore.

Take a look at these great cleaning flyer examples to get a feel for what will work for you.

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1. Jobber’s tearaway flyer template

Tearaway is Jobber’s free online flyer making tool you can customize to create your very own flyer.

Select your font and colors, add a headline and description, include your company info—and let Tearaway do the rest.

Tearaways are typically used on bulletin boards, so getting creative by selecting bright colors and adding images are less important. They’re also a great way to get started with your first flyer campaign because they let you keep things simple.

image of a real cleaning service business flyer example
An example of how to use our free tearaway app.

This example also encourages potential customers to use online booking, which can be helpful for busy parents and professionals.

And with up to 10 Tearaway tabs to potential clients, they’re an inexpensive way to get more leads.

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2. Maid For You LLC

Maid For You LLC created these fantastic door hangers to target a very specific market: their clients’ neighbors. Not only does this flyer have just the right amount of information:

  • A great tagline
  • Contact information
  • A call to action

image of a real cleaning service business flyer example
Maid For You LLC created these fantastic door hangers to target a very specific market: their clients’ neighbors.

It also encourages referral business by letting potential customers know that they’re already serving people in the area. So, they are a great way to target homes in areas you already work in.

The design is eye-catching without being overwhelming, so it looks professionally designed and will be sure to get noticed for the right reasons.

Door hangers are a good way to keep costs relatively low while still targeting individual homes. This flyer typically needs to be made through a professional printing service, like Vistaprint or a local print shop.

Pro Tip: Jobber’s Mailchimp integration allows you to create, set it, forget it, and print its services for all your flyer and door hanger needs.

3. Clean Club Calgary

Clean Club Calgary retargets their existing customers with flyers to encourage returning clientele. They offer 15% off to existing customers when they bring on or refer them to new customers.

This is a really smart approach because retaining customers can save (and make) you money.

Clean Club Calgary shows it’s potential customers that they can get a good deal if they sign up through a friend.

It’s significantly less expensive to retain customers than to spend money bringing them on board. With this approach, they spend less money bringing on more customers who will trust their business.

Plus, it encourages customers to become repeat customers because they get a reward when they do.

4. PostcardMania

example of a cleaning flyer template

This postcard example shines for a few different reasons.

  • It’s personalized with the homeowner’s name and a welcome message
  • It offers an initial discount, and a discount for continued service
  • It lists core services without going into too much detail

This example also includes a photograph that makes its purpose obvious and easy to understand.

Some postal and print services offer both postcard design and distribution and will offer mailing lists for you to purchase as well.

While postcards have a big reach, they’re also expensive. Direct mail, especially when it’s personalized, can be pricey. So, if budget is a concern, you may want to go with something that has lower print and distribution costs.

Pro Tip: Like the idea of postcards but looking for something less expensive? Digital postcards save on print and distribution costs while still getting your message across to clients!

Commercial Cleaning Flyer Examples

Use the following office cleaning flyer examples and ideas to inspire your next design.

1. SaniCan Commercial Cleaning Flyer

SaniCan LLC commercial cleaning flyer example

This SaniCan LLC flyer does a great job demonstrating what SaniCan does and the services they provide. Thanks to the before and after photo, potential clients can see what they can expect from booking with them.

This flyer design is simple — there is minimal imagery and text so it’s not overwhelming. It gets straight to the point and offers clients a simple way to get in touch. They can either call or text to book, and if they need to learn more, they can always visit the website.

2. Frontline Cleaning Services

Frontline cleaning services commercial cleaning flyer example

Frontline Cleaning Services created this flyer with a specific goal in mind: to promote their post-construction cleaning services. It combines post-construction and cleaning services imagery to help communicate that. The tagline “we are the finishing touch” is a nice nod to what they offer, too.

Even though this flyer might not present a discount or special offer, it builds brand awareness. It lets construction companies (potential customers) know that Frontline is the go-to company for the messy job of post-construction cleaning in the area.

Potential customers can learn more about pricing by calling Frontline or by going to the website.

3. Blazing Bins

Blazing Bins commercial cleaning flyer example

This Blazing Bins digital flyer is on this commercial cleaning flyers roundup for a few reasons:

  • The design is simple and straightforward
  • It immediately captures attention
  • It accomplishes its goal

The contrast of the white text over the red background makes it easy to read and the simple font choice means it’s not overwhelming. The bold red really captures attention right away (this is partly because of the simplicity of the design!).

Most importantly, this flyer communicates what it has to communicate: Blazing Bin provides trash can cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing services — this is timely and especially useful in a pandemic. Interested prospects can learn more by going to their website.

You’ll also notice that Blazing Bins is veteran-owned, which is a differentiator for their business and helps to make them stand out against the competition.



What should I put on a cleaning services flyer?

The most important tip we could share on designing cleaning service flyers is to keep it simple.

Whether you work in residential cleaning or commercial cleaning, every cleaning service flyer should have the following information:

  • Your business name and/or logo
  • Your contact information, including phone number, email, and website
  • A brief explanation of your cleaning services or specialties

But those are just the basics. You can also include things like:

  • Your brand colors
  • You mission statement
  • Special services for your community members in need
  • A clever tagline
  • An image
  • A special offer or discount
  • Whether you offer free quotes or consultations
  • Your cleaning business insurance

If there’s something different about your cleaning business, you should mention that too.

For residential cleaning businesses, if you use eco-friendly cleaning products, specialize in move-in/move-out cleaning, or offer home organization services, you may want to highlight it.

For commercial cleaning businesses, you may want to mention, if your team is specially certified, or if you offer post-construction cleaning services.

Pro Tip: Don’t include commercial cleaning services pricing or residential service cleaning pricing. They may vary depending on the size of a client’s house or office, their specific needs, and more.

Keep your cleaning service flyer straightforward. Don’t clutter it with a comprehensive list of your services or too many pictures. You only have a small amount of space to work with, so keep it simple to ensure it’s eye-catching and easy to read.

Best practices to start your first cleaning services flyer campaign

1. Start small

Create a small batch of flyers to start, and distribute them in a small radius in your local neighborhood to see if you get results. If there’s a clear return, scale up as needed: Increase the volume of flyers, pay someone to hand them out, and increase your distribution radius.

2. Choose the right market

You’ll get better results if the people you send office cleaning flyers to are your actual market. It’s better to send a small number of flyers to a targeted group than a large amount to a random one who may or may not buy your services.

To make sure you’re distributing the flyers to the right people, do your research: Check their demographics, income levels, and buying behaviors. If you have an existing customer list, break them up into zip codes to determine the average prices for a specific area. This will give you an idea of which neighborhoods to target based on specific services and offer a better return on investment.

Another factor can be the types of business or homeowners you provide cleaning for. If you specialize in healthcare cleaning, reach out to those types of businesses in your area. If you offer house cleaning to families, distribute your flyers where parents likely frequent.

3. Include a tracking mechanism

A tracking mechanism on your flyers helps you measure the success of your campaign. You can add a unique or short link people have to type in Google to get the promotion or contact you.

4. Send a clear message with a call to action

Avoid clutter and confusing the reader with too much information. Include any value upfront (e.g., mention an offer immediately) and promote one cleaning service or package at a time.

Also, don’t forget to add a call to action telling them what to do, e.g., call a number, use this coupon code, or book an appointment online.

5. Create a professional-looking design

Your design should be clean and crisp, with no clutter. Steer clear of multiple fonts, clashing colors, and confusing images. A good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to fonts is to stick to two fonts maximum. Plus, make sure your ads remain consistent with your branding, e.g., include your brand colors.

Finally, include your business name and logo. This makes you look more professional and it lets people know where the flyer is from.

Generating leads with cleaning services flyers

Whatever design, colors, or information you decide to include in your flyers, your main goal should be to bring in new leads.

Keep your messaging simple, work within your budget, and experiment with different distribution techniques to see what works for you.


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