Cleaning Company Names: How do you pick the right one?

Whether you’re starting a cleaning company for homes, a janitorial cleaning company, or a commercial cleaning company, the business name you choose is everything.

It’s what customers (and potential customers) first notice about your business. It also plays a large part in making a strong first impression.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to pick the right cleaning business name, examples of catchy names, and how to register your own name so you can get your business up and running.

Let’s dive in.

How to pick a catchy cleaning business name

When you’re brainstorming your cleaning business name, use these tips to help you organize your ideas. That way, you can pick a strong business name that sets you apart from the competition.

Choose a name that reflects on your business values

The most obvious way to name your cleaning company is to choose a name that showcases what you do.

If your value proposition is focused on quick, efficient cleaning, then you can include a word like quick, fast, swift, or speedy.

If you’re a cleaner that exclusively uses green cleaning products, you might narrow in on words like green, organic, geo, or natural.

Alternatively, focus on the solutions you provide for your customers. Words like polish, clean, shiny, or spotless communicate your value proposition, your goals, your cleaning services, and what you promise to deliver.

Pro Tip: Write down a list of words that you want customers to think or feel when they use your business. Don’t overthink it, go with your gut. Next, use those as a jumping-off point for your cleaning business name.

Make sure your business name is memorable

The most important consideration for your business name is that it’s easy to remember. That means your name should be:

  • Easy to spell
  • Less than three words
  • Simple
  • Easy to pronounce

Many cleaning businesses rely on word of mouth for marketing and lead generation to sell their cleaning services. In order for that to work for you, your name has to be easy to remember. Your clients will have a hard time referring you if they can’t remember your name.

Starting a cleaning business?

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Make sure the name is available

Before you get your heart set on a name and buy a website domain, make sure that the name is available for you to use. Do a quick Google search for other cleaning businesses in your target market with the same or similar name.

You can then extend that search to your state. You might expand your business in the future so you don’t want to limit or complicate your cleaning business growth because of your name!

Pro Tip: Synonyms are your friend! If some of the names you like are taken, Google synonyms or use for a list of possible words that could work in your new business name.

Get found with cleaning business keywords

Don’t get too caught up in creativity. If you want to be found, your business name has to be relevant to what you do. Whether it’s residential cleaning or commercial cleaning, you want potential customers to know exactly what you do when they read or hear your name.

Plus, keywords are important for search engine optimization (SEO). Your business name should be in line with keywords for your industry. That way, when potential customers are searching for local cleaning companies, your business is the first one they find.

Those keywords could be:

  • Cleaning
  • Clean
  • Maid
  • Maids
  • Housekeeper
  • Housekeepers
  • Housekeeping

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Test it with an audience

It’s a good idea to “workshop” some of your business name ideas with a small group of people. Avoid involving too many people in this process — that might only complicate things.

Instead, share the business name you’ve landed on with a select group of people you trust. Get their feedback on what it makes them think and how it makes them feel. You might not reach a consensus but it’s a helpful step in finding the right name for your business.

Cleaning company name ideas

Check out this list of cleaning company names for inspiration to help get your wheels turning. Bonus: some of them are Jobber residential cleaning and commercial cleaning customers!

CategoryCleaning Business Names
Alliteration/RhymingCleaning Maid Easier
Crazy Clean
Go 2 Girls
Green Clean
Happy Home Cleaners
King KleenThe Clean Team
CatchyClean Agent
Domestic Divas
Dustbunny Cleaning
Evergreen Cleaning Company
Love My Maids
Mint Cleaning
Pink Cleaning
Service Owls
The Office Cleaners
The Tidy People
Tidy Up!
Best Home Clean
Fabulous House Cleaning
Frontline Cleaning Services
My Amazing Maid
RealCleanZen Cleaning Services
Location-basedClean Club Calgary
Sicklerville House Cleaning
Sunny State Cleaning
PersonalLambert Cleaning
Marina Cleaning Services
HybridKing’s Green Cleaning
Susan’s Green Cleaning

Register your cleaning business name

Once you have landed on a catchy name for your cleaning business and confirmed the name isn’t already in use, the next step is to register your business name.

How to register your cleaning company name in the U.S.

    1. Check the entity name on a state level. Depending on your state and business structure, you may need to register a legal entity name. This just ensures that there isn’t more than one business in your state operating under the same name.
    2. Use the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s trademark search tool to see if the name has been trademarked. If it hasn’t, trademark your name so you prevent other companies from doing business under the same name. Trademark your cleaning business name here.
    3. Register your domain name and immediately claim your online presence. You can use this list of accredited domain registrars to purchase your domain. Remember that every year you’ll have to renew your domain registration.

Pro Tip: When selecting your domain name, make sure your URL is short, sweet, and reflects your business name. Although people are now more likely to Google a business name rather than directly copy a URL, it’s still important that your cleaning website URL is easy to remember and reflects your business name.

How to register your cleaning company name in Canada

  1. Register your trade name. You only need to do this if your business is operating under another name other than your own. This is a provincial and territorial responsibility so refer to this list for specifics:
  2. Register for a trademark to help protect your brand. Find more information on how to register for a trademark in Canada.

How to register your cleaning company name in the U.K.

In the U.K., registering your company name also means you have to register your business. For steps on how to do that, check out how to register your business in the U.K..

Below you’ll find the basic steps to get you started on registering your name. Remember to follow the steps on the page to complete your registration!

  1. Set your business up as a sole trader or a business partnership. There are different rules for a sole trader or business partnership so make sure that you know which business type you will be operating under.
  2. Check your company name availability using the Companies House Company Name Availability Checker.
  3. Search for a trademark to see if similar brands already exist.
  4. Continue registering your company to complete the process. Find the steps here.

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