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Whether they’re using a scheduling tool or an accounting platform, today’s appliance repair technicians and teams rely on appliance repair apps to work smarter, not harder.

Just like your work gloves and multimeters, apps are must-have tools in an appliance repair professional’s toolbox. They make your appliance business more organized and efficient, and they can also help you grow.

From service marketing to appliance repair scheduling apps, we created this list of the top-rated appliance repair apps for techs and teams in 2021. Let’s go!

1. Appliance Repair Job Toolkit


Mobile-friendly online desktop tool – Free

A client relationship manager (CRM) that organizes your client and partner information, creates new jobs, and keeps track of quotes and invoices can really level up your appliance repair business.

Our Job Toolkit does all of that—all for zero cost, and with no limit on how long you can use it. It’s especially useful for startup appliance repair businesses who are trying to level up in the early days of their business.

Use the Appliance Repair Job Toolkit to:

  • Create, send, and track professional estimates
  • Create and send invoices, and track which appliance repair invoices haven’t been paid
  • Organize your client contact information and personal notes, like warranty information
  • Impress your customers with access to client hub, a customer self-service portal where they can see and approve estimates and invoices

Build a free appliance repair estimate

Use our free estimate template to create a winning estimate for your next job.

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2. Jobber: Appliance Repair Software

Appliance repair scheduling software

iOS, Android, and desktop, starting at $29/month

Jobber is an appliance repair software and mobile app that helps teams dispatch estimates, installs, and repairs—and track it all in one place. You can try it for free to see why Jobber was voted #1 most popular and affordable field-service software!

If you haven’t tried field service software before, think of it as every appliance repair app you need to organize your business, from getting new repair or install requests to tracking client info (CRM), scheduling jobs, invoicing, and accepting payments, all in one place. The Jobber mobile app will make your existing business run more smoothly.

Jobber also integrates with other apps for repair services, including Quickbooks Online.

Use Jobber to:

FREE TOOL: Try Jobber’s free appliance repair invoice template

“I don’t know what I’d do without Jobber. It’s quick, efficient, and a great tool that covers all categories pertaining to appliance repair service work.” —Joe Gallagher, Semper Fix Appliance Repair LLC


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3. QuickBooks: Accounting Software For Appliance Repair Teams

Appliance repair app - Quickbooks for accounting
iOS, Android, and desktop, starting at $13/month

Quickbooks is a key workflow management tool for your accounting, bookkeeping, and reporting needs. Use the app or desktop version to create invoices, track expenses, get a bird’s eye view of your income, view reports, and run payroll.

Even better, QuickBooks integrates with Jobber and other business apps, so you can get the most out of the platform and keep your business organized. Free support is available to help you get set up.

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4. FleetSharp: GPS and Mileage Tracking App

Fleetsharp app for appliance repair
iOS and Android (free apps with purchase of device)

The FleetSharp app is a companion to the FleetSharp GPS tracking system and it’s great for larger appliance repair teams.

The easy-to-use app lets you locate and monitor your fleet vehicles, track and reduce mileage, and increase driver safety by sending mobile alerts for unsafe driving behavior or excessive idling.

To improve your fleet operations, you can integrate FleetSharp with Jobber. You’ll get a live map view of your crew in the field so you can better schedule your day.

5. Slack, Zoom, Google Meet: Video conferencing apps for appliance repair businesses

When going into the office is just not an option, video conferencing apps are key to keeping your team connected and informed.

Use platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or Slack video to check in with your team in the field and host remote meetings when you can’t meet in person.

Slack Video
iOS, Android – Free

Slack is a good bet if you’re already using the platform for team communication and if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution.

Zoom Cloud Meetings
iOS, Android – Free plan but limited minutes

Zoom has quickly become the video conferencing app favorite for remote teams. Team members can easily download the free app and host meetings (with limited minutes on the free plan).

If you have a large team with a big budget, you can upgrade to the paid plan for unlimited meeting minutes.

Google Meet
iOS and Android – Free

For appliance repair teams already using Google Workspace, Google Meet is a great option. Wherever they may be, your whole team can come together on Google Meet using a free Gmail account.

6. Profit Margins: Free Profit Margin Calculator

Image of profit margin calculator for small businesses
Mobile-friendly online desktop tool – Free

The Jobber 3-in-1 Profit Margin Calculator is helpful for experienced and new appliance repair business owners alike. Use it to get three easy calculations to help you:

  • Price more profitable jobs
  • Stay on budget
  • Include markup in your prices

Fill in your information to get access to the calculator webpage, then save it to your bookmarks so you can easily use it from anywhere in the field.

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Free Profit Margin Calculator

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7. NiceJob: Reputation Management Software

reputation management software nicejob and jobber
iOS, starting at $75 per month

No matter how big or small your business is, positive online reviews are a cheap and effective way to grow your appliance repair business. They build trust with potential customers and they help them decide if they should hire you.

As you grow your business, monitoring your online reviews becomes a job of its own. That’s where reputation management software comes in. It helps you keep track of what customers are saying about your business on social media and other websites.

NiceJob offers review automation features that integrate with appliance repair software such as Jobber to help streamline your workflow. That way, you limit how many apps you’re switching between, keeping you organized and focused on the job at hand.

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8. ResponsiBid: Sales Automation Software

Mobile-friendly software, free trial

Ever wondered if there is a better way to follow up with your prospects and simplify your quoting process? ResponsiBid is a powerful automation tool to do just that.

Appliance repair businesses can use ResponsiBid to create job estimates, allow clients to select job times that work for them, and send intelligent follow-ups via personalized emails and text messages. It’s especially helpful for large appliance businesses that work on commercial jobs.

You can sync ResponsiBid with Jobber, Zapier, and Google Calendar for easy selling.

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9. Mailchimp: Email Marketing Automation Software

Mailchimp - appliance repair app for businesses
Mobile-friendly software with a free basic plan

When small businesses look for an email marketing automation solution, Mailchimp is at the top of the list. Use it to design beautiful, branded emails (all on your own!) and send targeted email marketing to existing clients. You can send emails about new service offerings (like if you’re branching out to handyman work) or service agreement updates.

To make things even simpler, you can use Jobber and Mailchimp together by automatically syncing your client list from Jobber to Mailchimp to make sending emails even easier.

Other options include: SendJim

10. Canva: Graphics, Logo, and Social Media Design App

Canva: App for Appliance Repair marketing
iOS and Android – Free or $12.99/month

Canva helps you easily create simple, templated designs you can use on your social media, online ads, website, and even magnets to leave for clients when you complete a job. If you’re just starting your business, Canva is a helpful resource to help you create your brand on your own (think: creating a logo).

It also includes a library of stock photos to inspire you. Canva is free to use but you’re limited to a small selection of stock photos. If you want access to everything Canva has to offer, there is also a Pro version available for about $12.99 per month.

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Start using the right appliance repair apps for your business

The apps you decide to download and use depend entirely on your business’s needs. So, don’t worry about getting every single one on this list.

We suggest taking it one app at a time to determine the gaps in your business and where some of these apps can fit in.

Slowly add them to your workflow and build up your digital toolbox to boost your appliance repair business’s efficiency.

Create appliance repair quotes. Track invoices. Store customer information.

Job Toolkit makes creating, winning, and tracking appliance repair jobs fast and easy.

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